Italian destinations for winter sports lovers: plan your next team building!

The holidays are barely over and you already need another winter break? Then why not plan a short & sweet team-building weekend for your colleagues and employees, and head to one of these Italian destinations for winter sports lovers? There’s no better way of cheering in the new year than sliding down a ski-slope (on one or two boards, that’s up to you) or ice-skating or cross-country skiing – anything, basically, that goes well with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of mulled wine.

Italian destinations for winter sports lovers: plan your next team building!

Snowboarding in Livigno

Livigno is a popular skiing destination in Lombardy, close to the Swiss border. In recent years, it has slowly grown into a European snowboarding capital, where freestyling snowboarders gather every winter. While snowboarding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and, when done professionally and on particularly steep slopes, it can be quite demanding, even absolute beginners can have fun with basic courses and easy slopes. And if someone in your team doesn’t feel quite like getting on the board, they can still enjoy watching the international competitions that take place in Livigno every year, or head out to explore the surroundings, swapping the thrill of extreme winter sports for the pleasures of a sommelier course, a local wine tasting or a shopping spree.
snowboarding in livigno winter sports

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Cross-Country skiing in Val di Fiemme

Cross-country skiing is not the most popular of winter sports but is one that nature enthusiasts inevitably love. Gliding at a reasonable pace through the snow, taking in the scenery and covering the kind of terrain that is off limits for traditional skiers, is a special pleasure. If this is what you are envisioning as part of your team building program, we suggest you pick Val di Fiemme, in Trentino-Alto Adige, as your winter destination. This valley has over 20 km of cross-country tracks and plenty to see. Visit the beautiful towns of Tesero, Predazzo, and Cavalese and make sure you taste the local “speck”, one of the most delicious cured meats in Italy.
cross country skiing val di fiemme winter sports

Snowkiting in Roccaraso

Have you ever heard of snowkiting? If you haven’t, rest assured that it’s just as thrilling as it sounds. A variation of kitesurfing, this newest addition to the winter sports family consists of gliding along a snowy plane or down a slope on a board that is connected to a kite. The sport itself is not particularly hard to master and previous experience is not required to have a fantastic time flying through the approved snowkiting spots. The most popular snowkiting destination in Italy is Roccaraso, near L’Aquila. This is one of the most popular winter break destinations in Central and Southern Italy. With the Alps too far away for a weekend trip, the inhabitants of the central and southern regions of the country turn to the majestic mountains of Abruzzo.
Kitesurfing Kite Winter Sport Skis Snowkiting Ice

Snowscooting (and other winter sports!) in Ovindoli

Snowscooting: for anyone who ever rode a segway and thought “I wish it was snowing”. If you haven’t seen a snow scooter, this definition will be enough to paint an accurate picture in your mind. While the original idea was to create a “snow bike”, the result is definitely reminiscent of Segways, in that it doesn’t have a seat and it is mostly controlled by shifting one’s weight one way or the other, while gravity does the rest. Snowscoots are allowed on most ski slopes, since those riding them don’t take up much more space than the average skier, but they are most commonly seen in Ovindoli. Much like Roccaraso, this quaint destination on the Apennine mountains is particularly popular among the residents of the central and southern regions of the Country.
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