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italian events industry

The meeting and events industry in Italy has been growing steadily over the past five years. Both Italian and international companies have been contributing to its growth, along with professional associations and, particularly, medical and scientific research institutes. There are several elements to factor in when assessing the evolution of the events industry: if we wish to focus on business and corporate events, for instance, the mere number of individual events that took place over a certain time span is not enough to paint a clear picture of the industry itself. The length of each event and the number of participants, as well as the approximate budget, might be essential in determining the relevance of this business sector. Several statistic research institutions have noted that the growth of the Italian events industry over the past years has manifested in an increase in both the number of events and the number of participants in 2015, while in 2016 the overall number of attendees increased further, concentrating on fewer, larger events.

The Italian events industry: a silent force for good within the national economy

When considering the Italian economy and its peaks of excellence, several researches focus on the industries that have thrived on international market as forces for economic good and growth. Unsung by glamorous magazines, however, the events industry has been growing by impressive annual rates. It is not particularly surprising that international reviews should fail to pick up on this fact: a Country’s event industry, by definition, is not projected on international markets, but rather focuses exclusively on the national territory. Moreover, the data concerning the events industry is usually conflated in reports that focus on other industries, such as tourism and hospitality. Business events, conferences and trade-shows, however, do not only increase the annual revenue of hotels, venues and restaurants: they also have a positive cultural and social impact in that they facilitate cross-industry cooperation and the sharing of human and professional experience, promoting innovation.

International events and local growth

An increasing number of businesses in Italy – not limited to large corporations – is now aware of the importance of well-planned events, from meetings to product launches, from educational and training events to team-building projects. It should also be noted that, while the majority of corporate events in Italy are organised by Italian companies, associations and institutions, a growing number of international firms are choosing Italy as a location for their events, amounting to approximately 10% of the entire revenue of the local events industry. Picking up and capitalising on this trend, events and hospitality professionals all over Italy have been increasing the national quality standards, raising Italy’s profile as a desirable destination for international events. This is particularly true in the northern regions of the Country, in which over half the national corporate events take place. MICE tourism is also growing in the central regions, with a larger number of attendees drawn to fewer events, and it is also becoming increasingly relevant in the south, which, until recently, seemed to focus exclusively on leisure travel.

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Why you should consider Italy for your next corporate event

This is an exciting time to plan a corporate event in Italy. Alongside established venues and facilities, new ones are either opening or extending their services to cater to corporate guests. The added value, of course, lies in the unique experience of travelling to Italy. Working with an Italian event planner will allow you to make the best of your time, by ensuring your professional needs are catered to. Don’t settle for anything other than the very best in local hospitality: when travelling to a corporate event, your attendees expect and deserve absolute excellence. Be it a guided tour of one of Italy’s countless historic sites and unmatched artistic treasures, a cheese and wine tasting, or an excursion through one of Italy’s stunning national parks, you can always count on a unique and surprising element, that will make your trip to Italy stand out.


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