Italian fashion brands to watch out for in 2019

italian fashion brands

Keeping up with the Italian fashion industry is no easy feat. Whether you are the kind of enthusiast or expert that never misses a Milan Fashion Week or just an aspiring fashion blogger looking for inspiration, you would have to devote most of your days to the Italian scene alone to get a gage of how fast it is growing and evolving. New brands are born almost weekly, while the more established maisons are engaged in international collaborations and mergers, transcending into that international elite of luxury that contains Italian names more than it contains actual Italian products. We have been monitoring the comings and goings of new Italian fashion brands closely this year and have selected three up-and-coming names you should definitely watch out for in 2019.

Italian fashion brands to watch out for in 2019


Established in 2016, this Italian fashion brand could be excused for fumbling its way about the industry, trying to find its own identity, as any normal three-year-old brand would. None of that. Proudly made by women for women (according to their official website), Archivio has already taken the fashion world by storm with its distinctive and captivating personality and its clear-cut, no-nonsense and yet irresistibly elegant designs. This is female fashion at its best: the lines are practical to the point of appearing severe, but there is nothing understated about them. Here and there an unexpected textile choice, a bright rust colour among a selection of classical neutral ones will tell you that Archivio is not afraid to take on the timeless classics of fashion and reinterpret them through its own unique and contemporary taste. It is apparent that a lot of research goes into every aspect of an Archivio collection, from the precious materials to the penchant for unisex sizes and volumes. This ambitious brand aims to redefine both fashion and gender in one graceful swoop.


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Gia Couture

There’s no middle-way with shoes: you either don’t care for them or they are an all-consuming passion. If you fall into the latter category of shoe aficionados, you simply need to know about Gia Couture. This Made-In-Tuscany brand inherits the glorious tradition of leatherworks that hails from this region and upholds the craftsmanship of the artisanal process, while adding a modern twist to its collections. Gia Couture was established in 2016 (what a great year that was for Italian fashion!) by Italian designer Barbara Borghini, with the undisguised ambition of rethinking the very idea of accessories. The “Gia” woman is empowered, independent, fun, unabashed, fierce, curious and in complete control of her life and her charm. Unafraid to use bright colours, glamorous and unusual materials and intricate lines, this brand’s collections make a clear statement about femininity as something that women own, and with which they are free to play and experiment. The top-quality artisanal work that goes into each pair ensures maximum comfort at the highest levels of style.


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Slightly older than the other two (it was established in 2009), Vivetta is named after the designer who founded it, Vivetta Ponti, and it embodies a playful, tongue-in-cheek idea of womenswear that feels like a breath of fresh air in these all-too-serious times. There is something indisputably retro about Vivetta’s collections, but we are not talking about your average 50s revival drill. Its designs are uniquely contemporary, redefining romantic femininity for the XXI century, embracing surrealist quirkiness without nostalgia. The women and girls that wear Vivetta have not been browsing through their grandma’s old wardrobe: they are demanding fashion that represents them today, that tells a story about their origins, but focuses on the future and on what they want to become. Amid the feathers and bright animal prints, you won’t find any cupcakes or apple pies, but rather stills from a Kubrik movie or a De Chirico-like disquieting muse wearing a light yellow dress.


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