5 Italian influencers you should be aware of in 2019

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What did you want to be when you were a kid? Most of us still remember a time when “astronaut” and “firefighter” were the most popular options among children of all genders. Nowadays, however, you are far more likely to come across kids whose dream is to be a blogger, a Youtuber or an influencer. This is not, however, a blog post about how things were better in the old days. This is about how age-defining personalities have shifted towards new categories and mostly about which of these celebrities you should know about, particularly if you want to approach the Italian market or understand Italian culture. Who’s big in Italy right now? Here’s a list of the most popular Italian influencers you should be aware of in 2019.

5 Italian influencers you should be aware of in 2019

Chiara Ferragni

No list of Italian (or even international) influencers is complete without Chiara Ferragni. The former fashion blogger has become a powerhouse in her own right. One of the main newspapers in the Country has gone so far as to point at her as an indicator of the recovery of the Italian economy. This business graduate in a fashion blogger’s skin has managed to create a multi-million industry around her innate taste for fashion and her deep understanding of social media marketing. She has a way of communicating that comes across as direct and unfiltered throughout the most sophisticated campaigns. Once followed mostly by fashion enthusiasts and personal fans, she has now piqued the interest of business and marketing professionals, all anxious to learn from her incredibly effective strategies. Her feed is a masterclass in all things marketing and a mecca for aspiring influencers worldwide.


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Mariano Di Vaio

Some have been referring to him as “the male Chiara Ferragni”. It is undeniable that their careers have something in common, in that both started out as models, with the audience’s focus shifting gradually from their attractiveness to their style and taste. Currently, one of the most popular fashion bloggers in the world, Mariano Di Vaio, with his blog MdVStyle, has been setting trends not only in matters of fashion but also in matters of hairstyle, photography, home décor and healthy eating.


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Gianluca Fazio

Gianluca Fazio is a photographer and also one of the most successful travel bloggers in Italy. Hailing from Emilia Romagna, he has managed to achieve what every other person on the planet can only dream of: turning his passion for traveling into a profession. On his blog “The Rerum Natura 2.0” (sic) he shares stories and visually stunning pictures of his travels, sharing lifestyle tips in the process. He works with tour operators and creates amazing content that his followers consume with relentless enthusiasm. It is physically impossible to take a look at his Instagram feed without feeling the irresistible urge to pack a suitcase and buy a plane ticket to one of the destinations he visited.


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Lisa Casali

Lisa Casali is a health and food blogger, an environmental scientist and a chef focusing on sustainability. Her “green” recipes contain a wealth of useful tips to reduce the carbon footprint of our diet while staying healthy and enjoying the pleasures of good food. She promotes an “all-green” lifestyle. In her blog, she explores all the ramifications of the food industry, not only helping her followers choose sustainable products, but also teaching them ways of reducing waste, by reusing and recycling elements that would normally be discarded.


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Clio Zamatteo

Clio Zamatteo, aka Clio MakeUp, was one of the first and definitely the most famous Youtuber in the Italian makeup community. Her tutorials have taught a whole generation of girls and boys how to pick and apply makeup. Her personal, funny and unique style has made her a celebrity long before the mainstream media picked up on her fame and offered her her own TV show. Her tutorials are so famous as to be considered a part of Italian contemporary culture.


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