Italy’s top secret incentive travel destinations

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If you are planning your next incentive trip to Italy, but you are not going for the popular seaside locations and the idea of spending a summer week in a city doesn’t seem appealing, you should take a look at our stunning inland. That applies to business travellers too: after you have gone through an intense week’s worth of meetings and presentations in Rome or Milan, with hardly any time off to go sightseeing or just wind down and relax for a while, a few days in the countryside might be just what you need. And, when you are in Italy, the country comes with delicious food and a glass of local wine, to be sipped on a porch as the sun goes down, and you are surrounded by the calming sounds of nature and pleasant conversation. Does that sound appealing? Then check out our favourite incentive destinations in the countryside for your trip to Italy.

Italy’s top secret incentive travel destinations

Hunting for truffle in Acqualagna and the Furlo Pass – Marche

furlo acqualagna marche incentive travel destinations italyThe Furlo Pass is a scenic gorge on Via Flaminia, an ancient Roman road that goes through several Italian regions of central Italy. This specific section is located in the Marche region, between the towns of Fermignano and Acqualagna. In this narrow passage, historic battles have been fought and the vestiges of the Roman grandeur can still be seen. Staying in the nearby village of Acqualagna will be a unique experience. This tiny hamlet might not be a part of many mainstream tourist itineraries, but it is (or should be) the dream incentive destination of any self-respecting gourmand. Acqualagna is known as the “truffle capital of Italy”. The precious tuber has been found in its surroundings for centuries and it is a founding element in the town’s cuisine and culture, with several events celebrating it every year. What should you do in Acqualagna? Not much really: just go hiking or mountain-biking in the surrounding hills, take in the majestic, uncontaminated beauty of the region, with its rivers and creeks, explore the narrow gorge and take amazing pictures that will be the envy of all your Facebook friends, visit Roman history museums and archaeological sites and, in between excursions, sit down at any of the local trattorie and discover just how many recipes can be prepared with truffle. We can guarantee you will run out of time before your run out of culinary options.

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A yoga retreat in Fiorenzuola Focara – Emilia Romagna/Marche

fiorenzuola focara emilia romagna marche incentive travel destinations italyMost tourists visit Emilia Romagna in the summer because of its popular beaches. Which is why a whole other segment of different tourists won’t. If crowded marinas, loud clubs and a wild nightlife have you run screaming, just drop off your clubbing colleagues in Riccione and head for Fiorenzuola Focara, a small hillside town near Cattolica. This corner of heaven at the juncture of Emilia Romagna and Marche is still all but undiscovered by mainstream tourism and makes for a perfect hideout for a relaxing holiday, a writing workshop or a yoga retreat. This little medieval village is perched on a rock directly overlooking the Adriatic sea, 200 mt below. Surrounded by the Mount St. Bartolo natural park, it has its own private beach, that looks nothing like the others on the Adriatic coast of Italy: there is no trace of human occupation on it, and you are welcome to visit, but don’t expect a marina, bars or clubs to mar its perfect tranquillity. This is the perfect destination for those hoping to commune with nature, meditate, create and unwind. Only a short drive away from Bologna and Rome, it is one of the most beautiful (and less known) gems of central Italy.

Tuscia – Lazio/Tuscany/Umbria

Tuscia Tuscany Lazio incentive travel destinations italyThe area known as Tuscia covers parts of three regions and it is defined as the land that was occupied by the legendary Etruscan civilization. Most people, when they hear this name, automatically think of the province of Viterbo, but the original definition – which varied through the centuries – went as far up north as Florence and Pisa and as far east as Perugia. Exploring Tuscia is a fascinating journey through art, culture, history and myth, interspersed – of course – with the best cuisine you ever tasted and plenty of excellent wines to go with it. Even the smallest towns in Tuscia carry their Etruscan banner with pride, and each one has its own Etruscan treasures in the form of artefacts preserved in museums, ancient roads that have been left unaltered since pre-Roman times and others that marked important moments in European history (such as the Francigena Road, which connected Canterbury to Rome for the benefit of thousands of pilgrims), and other mysterious landmarks from a civilization whose secrets we are yet to uncover. Book a tour of Tuscia to take a break after a working trip to Rome, or to give a unique incentive gift to the history and archaeology geeks in your team. Or simply to have an excuse to visit Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria without feeling guilty because you are booking a trip to three separate destinations just to enjoy stunning landscapes, hike and eat the best Italian food you ever had.

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