3 reason to choose Lake Como for your next team building

lake como team building

Team building is no longer a fancy trend for weird young executives: plenty of research has been done and the data is in to confirm that engaged and happy employees are twice as productive as those who are just waiting to clock off for the day. After all, it is common knowledge that companies tend to fare better under close and careful supervision by those who own them. Why is that? Because the owner of a company has a vested interest in their enterprise being successful and they genuinely care about it. The point of team building activities is reaching a similar level of commitment by the company’s entire workforce. This is no easy task and it should be undertaken with careful planning and clear goals in mind. That’s why it is crucial to select the right location and appropriate activities for your next team building programme. One of our favourite destinations for corporate team buildings in Italy is Lake Como. Here’s why.

3 reason to choose Lake Como for your next team building

1. Because the landscape is absolutely stunning in every season

The best team building experiences are the ones who include an element of incentive travel. If you take your team on an outing or a trip, you will be adding that extra touch of fun, luxury, and adventure to the whole project. Also, getting up in the morning and opening your window on one of the most breath-taking landscapes in Italy does get you in the right frame of mind to learn something new. And when it comes to stunning scenery, Lake Como is second to none. You don’t even have to wait for spring or summer: both the Lake and the surrounding region are beautiful and welcoming in every season. Whether you are sailing on the placid waters in summer or exploring the hills in autumn, you will always be captivated and charmed by the beauty of nature and the rich cultural heritage of this region.

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2. Because sailing is the perfect team building activity

If ever a sport was designed to be the ultimate team building activity, it was probably sailing. Everything about it is a metaphor for teamwork. Or rather, the sport literally is all about teamwork, requiring soft skills that translate perfectly to the workplace. A boat, much like a company, needs to be steered by a well-coordinated crew. Everyone needs to lend a hand, do their share of the work, help each other out and strive to maintain the chosen direction. On a boat, much like in a company, there is a hierarchy and strict distribution of tasks, but all positions are equally valued and needed. Leadership is essential to set a destination and monitor the route, but the only way to get there is having every part of the boat work smoothly and in sync. Communication is key and quick thinking is required by all.

Sailing lake como team building

3. Because you will be toasting your accomplishments with the best wines in Italy

If you just look away from the lake and toward the nearby Alps, you will spot the beautiful valley known as Valtellina, only a few miles away. Some of the best wines in Italy are produced here and you will find a fine selection of them in most of the restaurants and hotels surrounding the lake. Valtellina is known for growing vines in a unique way, known as “vertical farming”, which produces worldwide famous vintages such as Sassella, Sforzato, Inferno, Grumello and Valtellina Superiore. Book your team in for a wine-tasting experience with a professional sommelier in one of the local cantine and get each of your employees a bottle to take home as a token of the trip.

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