Everything you need to know about last-minute venue hire in Italy

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If there’s one thing to be said for event planning, it is that it’s never boring. Even though most event planners vehemently wish it were, sometimes. No matter how carefully you planned every last detail of your meeting, workshop or conference: statistically, every now and then, you will get a call telling you that your chosen venue is no longer available due to anything from a technical fault to a bureaucratic mix-up. Sometimes it won’t be the venue management’s fault: sometimes it will be your boss’ or your client’s fault for demanding an unscheduled meeting. Whatever the reason, you will get acquainted with every event planner’s nightmare: last-minute venue hire. If the event you were working on happens to be abroad, you’ve hit the jackpot of event-planning distress. Don’t panic: try these tips for last-minute venue hire from some of the best event planners in Italy.

Everything you need to know about last-minute venue hire in Italy

Plan your last-minute venue change… before you need it

How do you make sure your event flows just as smoothly, despite a last-minute venue change? You don’t. Because you’re a pro and you planned ahead for that. We are not saying you should book multiple venues for each event, but you should research venue-finding services in advance, particularly when working abroad. Make a shortlist of the best venues in the city, the ones that best fit your briefing. This will help you stave off some of that last-minute venue change panic because you will already know which venues to contact in which order. Make a long enough list and you are bound to find a free slot for your event.

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Keep your guests posted

Reach out to your guests as soon as you have solid information to share with them, but not before. It’s ok to tell them the venue will change as soon as you know the old one is no longer available, and it is ok to tell them where the new venue is as soon as you confirmed it. But there is no need to share details of the process with them. Even if your last-minute venue hire takes longer than you expected, avoid flooding your guests’ inbox with messages reassuring them that you have everything under control, as that is guaranteed to have the opposite effect. Make sure you research transportation to your know venue thoroughly and highlight that information when updating your event details.

Try to be flexible

If you are planning a meeting, rather than a public event or a trade show, you might try to keep your dates and attendee list flexible. Once you know for sure that your preferred venue is not available on your chosen date, draw a list of your priorities. Who are the most important parties that need to be present at the meeting? Who has the busiest schedule? Who is flying in specifically for that meeting? You will need this information in order to select a new venue that fits your brief. This is the trickiest part of last-minute venue hiring: you will need to find a way of meeting everyone’s needs, to select a day and time that works for everyone and also secure a suitable venue for that precise date and time. Your best bet is to book a similar venue that became available due to an event’s cancellation.

last-minute venue hire in italy conference room

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