McLaren’s new $2.25M hypercar is sold out. But it doesn’t exist yet.

mclaren speedtail hypercar

The next time you find yourself worrying that your new product might be priced out of the market, remember that time when McLaren’s $2.25 Million Hypercar sold out before it was even produced. Even those not strictly interested in the automotive industry have the opportunity to take away a priceless lesson from the story of the McLaren Speedtail. Over 100 buyers optioned the whole production before it was announced, making it an instant success among its chosen target. This happened despite the fact that American owners will only be allowed to cover limited road miles in their brand new hypercars, as they do not abide by federal standards and have to be imported under federal Show of Display Rule. And although practicality probably isn’t the main factor that goes into purchasing a $2.25 Million vehicle, it is significant that the desire to own the latest McLaren hypercar should be enough to counteract the drawback of not actually being allowed to drive it.

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The ultimate hypercar: how the McLaren Speedtail broke every record

Designed to travel up to 250mph, the Speedtail is officially faster than the McLaren F1, to which it is clearly inspired. Echoes of the brand’s racing model can be traced in the sleek three-seater’s design – as well as in its impressive 1035 horsepower. Unlike its well-known predecessor, however, the Speedtail was not designed for the racing track, and therefore sports a luggage set and a lush interior, made of leather and carbon fibre with white-gold elements. The Speedtail also broke the record previously held by the McLaren P1 hypercar, that could hit 186 mph in 16.5 seconds. The new model tops this impressive time by 3,7 seconds, establishing itself as the Ultimate Hypercar. Having surpassed all records within the McLaren team, the Speedtail is now competing with Aston Martin’s Valkyrie for the title of best hybrid hypercar on the market.

McLaren is racing the future

After this astounding commercial success, the McLaren management barely paused for breath before announcing that they are already working on their next hypercar, with the working codename of BC-03. This model is set to follow in the lead of the company’s Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo concept of 2017. The BC-03 is rumoured to be a bespoke commission and no official information is available yet regarding the number of examples that will be produced (although some anticipate as few as 5 vehicles in total) or any official announcement date. What we do know is that this new model will be designed to optimise track performance, with less focus on speed, and that it will in all likelihood be a gas-electric hybrid. The company has announced a new business plan, and the intention of converting its whole production to hybrids by the end of 2025. Instagram photos from a private presentation have been circulated, confirming some of the rumours on the new hypercar model.


The marketing of the McLaren Speedtail is an object lesson in product management, marketing and branding. This is not a product that aims at competing on a market, but rather a product that is designed and created specifically for a niche of the market that is ready to absorb it before it has even entered the early stages of its production. This is less of a production process and more of a self-conclusive financial operation, which has the added bonus of building another block in the brand’s identity, sending a clear message to the kind of clientele it wishes to attract.

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