Try these 4 destinations for meditation and yoga retreats in Italy

meditation and yoga retreats in Italy

These are scary and uncertain times and many are feeling understandably insecure about travelling. While it is true that irresponsible behaviour and mass gatherings in popular tourist destinations during the summer caused new outbreaks of Covid-19, there are ways to travel safely and find some respite from the stress and fear that 2020 has brought about. And if you feel like you need it, your employees need it too. That’s why an increasing number of companies are considering swapping their usual incentive travel packages for meditation and yoga retreats in Italy. No parties, no clubbing, no busy aperitivo on a crowded piazza, but plenty of time to meditate, hike, do yoga, sleep, eat, reconnect with nature and with oneself. Right now, this is the safest way of travelling, as well as the kind of getaway most of us need before we face whatever the winter has in store for us. We have selected a few beautiful destinations for your meditation and yoga retreats in Italy.

Try these 4 destinations for meditation and yoga retreats in Italy

Sun Salutation on the Dolomites

Sun Salutation, also known as Surya Namaskar is a dynamic sequence of yoga positions, ideally performed outdoors, combined into a flow, and supported by breathing. This routine is part of traditional Hatha yoga and is generally considered a great, relaxing, and yet energising way to start a new day. Whether you are a yoga fan or not, we suggest you try that at least once while watching the sunrise from the jagged horizon of the Dolomites. Many retreats are currently offering this experience, combined with a weekend (or even a week) of quiet, meditation, nordic walking, and healthy, organic meals. Watch the mountains turn red while breathing in the clean, crisp morning air, and gently awakening your body and your mind to welcome in the new day.

meditation and yoga retreats in Italy

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Commune with nature in the Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is one of our favourite destinations in Italy. The combination of natural beauty and slow-paced charm of this enchanted subregion of Liguria makes it the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway – which is why some of the most interesting yoga retreats in Italy take place here. If your idea of the perfect holiday includes meditating in a beautiful garden, focusing on mindfulness techniques and breathing, before walking down to the seaside for a refreshing and invigorating swim, this might be the ideal destination for you and your team. Meditation retreats like this are particularly well-suited to accommodate small groups, which serves two purposes. On one hand, it makes social distancing easier to achieve, thus guaranteeing everyone’s safety. On the other, it keeps the experience intimate and relaxing, encouraging introspection and mindfulness.

Spiritual awakening in Umbria

The Franciscan Path is a popular destination among people from all walks of life. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy the spiritual experience of walking the path from Assisi to Gubbio, following in St. Francis’ steps. Hiking down one of the most beautiful natural trails in Italy is a form of meditation in and of itself: it requires time, a mindful attitude, a slow pace. The route winds through silent paths, beautiful meadows, villages, and monasteries. Most retreats also offer culinary tours of the region, with wine tastings and visits to the local producers. While most meditation and yoga retreats in Italy focus on eastern philosophies and might occasionally err on the side of exoticism, this part of Umbria offers a uniquely Italian experience, pursuing mindfulness while exploring the local culture and traditions.

Gran Paradiso National Park: nature at its best

Picture the scene: the air is clean and crisp, the meadows are in full bloom, the sky is clear and you are about to experience one of the most relaxing and intense yoga retreats in Italy. The Gran Paradiso National Park is one of the largest and most beautiful natural reserves in Europe, famous for its incredibly varied flora and fauna. Hiking up and down its ancient trails with a trained guide, you will learn to live life at a more relaxed pace, taking your time to learn about your surroundings, to notice every detail while still enjoying the big picture, to listen to your body and your mind, and to enjoy the simple pleasure of being surrounded by beauty. Meditation retreats in this area are the perfect antidote against the stressful, fast-paced life to which most of our big cities and corporate jobs condemn us. And, to most of us, this is exactly what is needed right now.

meditation and yoga retreats in Italy

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