Why you should host your next meeting in Rome or Milan

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If you ever had to hold an international meeting, you are familiar with the long and often complex decision-making that comes that goes into picking a destination. There are several considerations that need to be factored in, from convenience (based on the respective locations of all your expected guests) to visibility, from logistics to budget. While some elements are desirable but optional (such as client entertainment programmes or a particularly spectacular view), others are absolutely essential, such as accessibility, hospitality and adequate facilities. If you are planning to host your next corporate meeting in Italy, you might be considering a variety of beautiful destinations and Milan and Rome are probably at the top of your list. Which one will be the perfect match for your company? We compared them for you so you can make the right choice!

Why you should host your next meeting in Rome

There are multiple advantages to planning a meeting in Rome. For one, most major hotels are equipped with outstanding meeting rooms and conference facilities, with state-of-the-art sound and video equipment, which will make the logistics of your event much simpler to manage. If you can provide hospitality for your guests in the same hotel where you hold your meeting you’ll save on transport and make your schedule run much smoother. As a consequence, you will have more time and resources to invest in client entertainment and communication, and you might even be able to upgrade your top guests’ and keynote speakers’ accommodation. As a destination, Rome is particularly convenient for international attendees, as most airports in the world have connections to the European capitals. If most of your guests come from Italy, Rome will provide the perfect middle ground between north and south, ensuring that no-one has to travel too long to reach the meeting destination. You should consider Rome as your next meeting destination particularly if you are planning of playing host to a large number of attendees: the capital offers a wider choice of large enough facilities and plenty of entertainment options. If your schedule requires concentration and a relaxing environment, you should pick one of the several hotels with conference and meeting facilities located on the outskirts of the city, often surrounded by the lovely Roman countryside. These venues will allow your guests to get everything they need, mostly without leaving the hotel, which will make tighter schedules manageable. Spas and even golf resorts will provide all the relaxation and the entertainment your attendees need. If, on the other hand, you want to add elements of incentive travel to your meeting, you could choose accommodation and meeting rooms in the city centre, allowing your attendees enough time off to go exploring. You could even plan a guided tour of some of Rome’s artistic and architectural wonders.

palazzo brancaccio event venues rome

One of our event venues in Rome

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Why you should host your next meeting in Milan

Milan is all about business. If you are holding your meeting in Italy because you are hoping to do business in the Country, to expand, to start a new company or to open offices here, then Milan is probably the best meeting destination you can pick. Trade shows are an almost daily occurrence in Milan and chances are that, whatever specific industry you operate in, there is going to be an international event happening in Milan that caters specifically to you and your fellow professionals. Planning your meeting in Milan, therefore, means increasing the possibility of connecting with relevant stakeholders in your field. Milan is a favourite meeting destination during such event as the Fashion Week or the Design Week, as companies take advantage of the fact that industry representatives from all over the world are going to be in the city during that one time of year. Precisely because of this business-oriented environment, the choice of apt facilities in Milan is unparalleled. Not only will you find plenty of excellent hotels with meeting and conference rooms, but you will also have a vast choice of venues that are devoted specifically to corporate meetings and that often offer secretarial staff as well as technical equipment. Impress your clients with a meeting in one of Milan’s tallest skyscrapers or dazzle them with an art gallery’s stylish design: whatever your budget, you will always find the perfect venue for your meeting in Milan!

spazio edit milan event venues milan

A stylish event venue in Milan

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