MiArt 2017 – Contemporary Art Fair in Milan – 31 Mar-2 Apr

Miart 2017

The year has barely started and already the trade-show schedule in Milan is packed with promising events, that will bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world to the regional capital of Lombardy. From design to fashion, from food&beverage to art, professionals from all walks of life and from several industries will find plenty of business opportunities this side of the Alps. Miart is doubtlessly among the most anticipated events of 2017. The established art trade-show, which has reached its twenty-second edition, will be held at Fieramilanocity from March 31st to April 2nd. MiArt has a mission: to facilitate communication between different disciplines and create opportunities for audiences that rarely meet to mingle and intermix. This year, MiArt will continue on its previously traced path, acting as a shared platform through which local and national stakeholders can meet and collaborate with major international ones. For all this, MiArt is shaping up to be both a culturally rich and professionally relevant experience for attendees and exhibitors alike.

MiArt in Milan: events in the city

MiArt’s range of action will not be limited to Fieramilanocity: throughout the event, the whole city will host international events, meetings, workshops and openings in several venues. In recent years, several distinguished institutions have played host to MiArt events, from established art venues such as the Triennale Museum and the Museum of Cultures to illustrious local landmarks such as the Royal Palace and Hangar Bicocca, as well as private foundations such as the Carriero Foundation, the Nicola Trussardi Foundation and the Prada Foundation. This means that the whole city area will be engaged in the MiArt experience, thus providing multiple opportunities for business and growth for all parties involved.

Art economy

One of the main goals of MiArt is to establish and advance the dialogue between modern and contemporary art and to promote the economic systems that revolves around it. This means that the spotlight won’t be entirely taken up by artists and their works, rather it will encompass a whole universe of exhibition projects, galleries, institutions and everything that contributes to the economic sustainability of the arts and allows the international artistic discourse to develop and prosper. Art, after all, does not exist in a vacuum and it needs infrastructure and specific platforms to be communicated and conveyed to the public. The economic system that supports art is but a constant strife for balance between feasibility and creative expression, and such balance can only be achieved through the collaboration of multiple parties: from artistic curators to museums and foundations, from public institutions to private patrons.

Events and exhibitors

Most exhibitors at MiArt, naturally, are likely to be local and international galleries, as well as a variety of movers and shakers, which makes this one of the must-go trade-shows in the art business worldwide. The importance of promoting contemporary art is reflected in the economic efforts that several institutions undertake to ensure its continued support. The multiple professionals and tens of thousands of visitors that will gather in Milan between March 31st and April 2nd will be at the very core of the international art scene in the coming year. This is why MiArt is an excellent opportunity for any professional or institution with a vested interest in the arts economy or aspiring to a relevant position within this industry
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