Miart 2018: art and business in Milan – April 13 to 15

miart milan 2018

April 2018 will see the return of the much anticipated international art fair “Miart”, which has confirmed Milan in its role as a major European hub for culture, as well as business and finance. Last year’s edition was an unprecedented success in a history of successful events, proving that Fiera Milano has found the perfect recipe to draw praise from both critics and public and to kindle the public debate on the themes the art world is keen to discuss. From April 13 to 15, the pavilions of Fieramilanocity will be the gravity centre of the international art scene, as a week’s worth of events – organised by both private and public institutions – highlight contemporary creativity in all of its expressions. There is no secret formula to such a universally acclaimed success: it is all about balance between the celebration of acknowledged excellence and the willingness to discover, value and nurture new talent.

Miart 2018: art and business in Milan – April 13 to 15

Art and business

For the duration of Milan Art Week, of which Miart is the main focus, the whole city lights up with a myriad of events, openings and exhibitions that take place in all of the most glamorous and exciting venues in town. As a result, the whole Art Week is as much an opportunity for business as it is for cultural growth. The joint effort of major private and public organisations such as the Prada Foundation, the Nicola Trussardi Foundation, the Furla Foundation, the Carriero Foundation, Pirelli HangarBicocca, Triennale, the Royal Palace of Milan, the Museum of the 20th Century, the Italian Environment Fund, the Contemporary Art Pavilion, the Modern Art Gallery amd the FM Centre for Contemporary Art. Anyone interested in the business of art, in other words, has plenty of reasons to be in Milan in mid-April. This is the right time to take advantage of the fact that the whole of the art world is converging in the same place and start planning business meetings, events and showcases. Deals closed during a fair on these scale, are likely to boost businesses in the field for years to come. This is, after all, the whole point of Miart, as expressed by the director Alessandro Rabottini: bringing together “…a group of professionals who will bring to Milan that plurality of voices and points of view that characterises the project supported by Fiera Milano…” in the firm belief that “the past, the present and the future of art are dimensions of creativity in a continuous and reciprocal relationship”.

A diverse audience

Who visits Miart? Few events can boast such a vast and diverse audience. Because of the specific nature of this field, a variety of professionals and creatives are drawn to it. From historical art enthusiasts to contemporary art curators, from young and hopeful artists trying to make a name for themselves to all the professionals involved in design research, both on the creative and on the commercial side. Miart is the perfect example of how Italy can turn its remarkable cultural heritage into an opportunity for economic growth. This sparks a lively and productive dialogue that spans generations and builds bridges between different artistic currents and between different professional approaches. Such a vast and diversified crowd provides a wealth of opportunity for those who can take them.

Last minute tips

If you are hoping to plan meetings and events during the Milan Art Week, you might find yourself struggling with overbooked venues and a packed schedule, which might make it difficult to draw the attention of your potential clients, patrons or business partners. This is the time to get creative. Traditional marketing, particularly in such a vibrant, creative environment, is unlikely to have much of an impact: you should resort to alternative event marketing, experiential marketing or guerrilla campaigns to catch the eye of your target leads. When it comes to planning meetings and showcases, you might despair of finding a suitable and available venue for the duration of the event, and you might be right – if you limit your searches to conventional venues. There are plenty of unusual spaces in which you can host your business meetings, that will both serve the purpose and impress your clients. Invest in unique and immersive experiences, tailoring them to the needs and taste of your attendees. Art, after all, is an expression of creativity. Be creative in your planning efforts. Our final tip is: plan carefully and do not try to be everywhere. During the Art Week in general and Miart in particular, Milan will be literally bursting with events: you simply can’t make it to every single one of them. Research the ones that have the highest business value for you, focusing on maximising the possibility of acquiring useful contacts. Keep your schedule manageable and prioritise. And, above all, make sure you take some time to just enjoy it: Miart 2018 is a unique occasion to immerse yourself in the best of modern and contemporary art.

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