Which Milan Fashion Museum will you visit next?

The Milan Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events of the year, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. As one of the European capitals of fashion and design, Milan attracts both professionals and tourists, that have different reasons for wanting to visit the birthplace of some of the most popular maisons in the world. If you are travelling to Milan on business for the Fashion Week and want to dedicate some of your free time to learning more about its tradition for fashion and craftsmanship, here are a few amazing museums you might want to visit. You could also include excursions to these prestigious institutions in your incentive package, or as a day-off treat for your attendees during a convention, conference or team-building weekend.

The Fashion Museum in Palazzo Morando

In Milan’s fashion district, you will live and breathe fashion in all its forms. Not only this area is known for having one of the highest fashion stores concentration in Europe and being home to some of the most famous brands in the business, but it also contains one of the most illustrious institutions in fashion history: Milan’s fashion museum. Located in the prestigious Palazzo Morando, this museum contains a vast collection of XX Century Haute Couture, including shoes and accessories. Visiting its halls is like journeying back in time, exploring the recent evolution of taste, which in turns reflects the momentous collective changes in morals, customs and economic status our society has undergone over the course of the past two centuries. You will often find themed exhibitions and monographic events in the museum’s programme, with in-depth exploring of specific aspects of fashion history. No true fashionista can visit Milan, without paying homage to this temple of style and elegance.

Fashion Museum Palazzo Morando

Fashion Musaum @ Palazzo Morando – Photo by Carlo Dall’Orto licensed under Creative Commons

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The fashion museum of Villa Mazzucchelli

Because the whole of Milan’s fashion knowledge and history could not be contained in one museum, the city boasts two. The one located in the beautiful Villa Mazzucchelli was started by poet, writer, and fashion enthusiast Franca Meo, who researched the subject thoroughly and amassed a prized collection of documents and rare pieces, some of them dating back to the XVIII Century. Dresses, suits, individual items of clothing, shoes, accessories, hats, pocket handkerchiefs, umbrellas, gloves, lingerie, jewelry, and home decor: every piece is a thread, in the rich and complex tapestry of fashion history. The way we clad ourselves and decorate our surroundings speaks of our society at every turn. What did work clothes look like in the 1920s? What was considered proper children attire in the XIX Century? When did we stop wearing ankle-long underpants and carrying fans on a regular basis? How did standard western attire come to replace ethnic garments in certain communities? These an other questions can be answered by a visit to this amazing fashion museum.

fashion museum milan textiles

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