How to secure your spotlight during the Milan Fashion Week

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The Milan Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events organised by the National Fashion Chamber. Within this rich and complex event, the Women’s Fashion Week (Milano Moda Donna) is probably the occasion that draws the most international interest and curiosity. The presentation of the collections for the upcoming year has both the media and the public – let alone the industry – quivering with anticipation and speculating wildly about what new trends will take the fashion world by storm with each new season. Most of all, however, this is a week of intense business, with new deals being sealed, new talent being spotted and thousands of professionals of all descriptions working day and night to make everything perfect in the great and magical circus of fashion. The next Milan Fashion Week is scheduled for Fabruary 19 – 25 and, if you are planning on making the most of it and using it to boost your brand, you should be getting to work right now!

What can we expect from the Milan Fashion Week?

In February, the Milan Fashion Week will unveil the winter collections for 2019 and 2020. Established Maisons and young designers will showcase their creativity in a week’s worth of fashion shows and parties to a captive audience of bloggers, influencers, field professionals, enthusiasts, and celebrities. After which, the media will be busy relaying to the public all the new trends they picked up on, suggesting ways in which the evolution of fashion will influence and be influenced by the evolution of society.

How to secure your spotlight during the Milan Fashion Week

If you are hoping to surprise and bedazzle your audience with a stunning presentation this year, know that the fashion week is bot the perfect time to do so and the hardest by far. It is perfect because literally everyone will be in town. This is the magical timeframe in which you can meet the whole of the fashion world casually strolling through the city centre by day and buzzing around the club scene by night. It is the hardest week, because – again – literally everyone will be there, promoting their brand, product, collection, website or new miracle diet. Getting noticed can be hard, particularly if you are s small brand with a matching marketing budget. If you can’t buy your spot in one of the official venues of the event or reserve one of the high-end, exclusive clubs in town, you should think outside the box and find a way to impress your potential clients. One good strategy is to book a venue for your evening presentation in the vicinity of one of the most popular clubs, in which the official Milan Fashion Week events take place. While A-list celebrities and guests will definitely go straight for the big brands, there are a lot of smaller influencers and media professionals that will have to queue for hours in front of those venues. Most of them, at some point, will give up and decide to spend their time elsewhere: make sure they see you first!

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Get creative

Just because the Milan Fashion Week is on, it doesn’t mean that everything has to be about fashion. Or rather, yes, it does, but there are many ways of attracting the audience’s attention, other than setting up a fashion show in a city that, during the course of that week, will see more fashion shows than pigeons. Be creative, do something different, entice and intrigue your potential guests with a unique experience that nobody else is offering. It may be a silent disco with free candy, an art exhibition with live music, a virtual catwalk with an augmented reality experience. The most important thing is to get people to talk and write about you, to share your event on social media and to feel the urge to tell their friends about the magical event they attended.

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