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Celebrating summer in Italy is a serious business. And even those who can’t get away from work long enough for a trip to the seaside or a relaxing stay in the alps are determined to make the most of the hot season, enjoying en-plein-air events, concerts, festivals, workshops and other unusual pop-ups and exclusive events. In this post we will focus on Milan, which promises to be as busy during the summer months as it was throughout the winter. Some say Milan is Italy’s own New York, as in “the city that never sleeps” and, most importantly, the city in which someone is always thinking of something weird or unusual to do. This summer will be no exception. If you are visiting Milan on business, make sure to save a day off to explore its most interesting pop-ups.

Stabilimento estivo base

stabilimento estivo base pop up milan summer 2018Depending on when you visit this space, you will find a dancefloor, a theme park, a fancy brunch, a classy wine bar or a surprising and exciting event venue. This melting pot of local pop culture will offer all kinds of events, from poetry slams to karaoke nights, from classical music concerts to workshops and educational events. The venue itself is a beautiful example of a reclaimed industrial building. It started its life as a factory and was converted into a cultural facility in the late 80s. Nowadays, it is managed by a consortium of cultural associations and startup hubs. It aims at being a shared space for cross-cultural contaminations, where art and creativity meet technology and enterprise. Throughout the summer, Base will become a metropolitan beach club, with round-the-clock cultural activities to engage a diverse crown of residents and tourists.

The San Sepolcro Crypt

san sepolcro crypt milan popups summer 2018There’s one museum in Milan that is only opened in the evening. The San Sepolcro Crypt will be available to visit until September 30th and offers a thrilling multi-media experience designed by star director Michelangelo Antonioni. This peculiar choice was made to meet the needs of the public, that showed great interest in being able to visit museums in the evening, when the summer heat abates and walking tours seem less daunting. Besides, a crypt is probably the best landmark to visit after sunset. This ancient and unique building will host a variety of events, catering to all kinds of visitors, including business travellers and corporate event planners. Visit it to immerse yourself in fascinating histories of artists and knights, saints and martyrs, and to contemplate Michelangelo’s unparalleled art.

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Bianchini cinema

cinema bianchini galleria vittorio emanuele milan popups summer 2018.jpgAre you planning to catch a movie? Plain cinemas are so last season! The Bianchini cinema is waiting for you on the rooftop of the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The programme features Italian and international classics and cult movies, which will contend for your attention with the most breath-taking landscape in the city. Looking around from your vantage point, you will see the Milan skyline at its glorious best, from the Cathedral to the Sforza Castle, from The Velasca Tower to Porta Nuova. Among the titles that will be shown this summer there’s a retrospective on the history of the city, celebrating Milan as a capital of art, industry and social progress.

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