Milan women’s fashion week 2017 – Feb. 22-28

Should you require proof that the fashion world is changing and that going fur-free was not just a fad, you shall find all the evidence you need on the glamorous runaways of the Winter 2017 Womenswear Fashion Shows, which will be hosted in Milan from February 22 to 28. As well as an environmentally aware and sustainable concept of fashion, new trends in style and the future turning points for the whole industry will emerge. The Womenswear Fashion Week is the most anticipated event held by the Italian Chamber of Fashion and, once again, it will draw tens of thousands of international visitors, for a grand total of 170 fashion shows and countless collateral events. We will be looking at the trends for the cold season of 2017 and discovering which brands of vintage will be the next big thing and which new tendencies will emerge from the creative hubs that are blossoming internationally. Here’s how Milan is gearing up for the challenge.

Young, hot and happening

fashion week hairThe Italian Chamber of Fashion has a long tradition of helping brands emerge and promoting national creativity in an international environment. That’s why the Fashion Hub Market was created in Semptember 2015, with the goal of supporting new and talented designers and brands from all over the world. Among the brands that have benefitted from the Chamber support, a few are selected each year and given the chance of holding their own fashion show and presenting their own collections during Milan Womenswear Fashion Week, which of course translates into boundless possibilities for new business and networking.

Faux Fur Frenzy

fashion week furKing Giorgio set the trend once again. He was hardly the initiator of the use faux-fur in haute couture, of course (the name Stella McCartney springs to mind), but he had the leverage and the prestige necessary to make the topic a hot one, so that a growing number of brands are jumping on the eco-friendly band wagon in a hurry. The fact that new faux-fur textiles have increased in quality dramatically over the past three years might have played a role in the revolution too. From scratchy stuffed-toy scraps to gorgeous, lush, shiny and warm creations: this is how technology lends a helping hand in saving the planet. We are expecting to see a lot of fur in the winter collections that will be presented in Milan in February, particularly because of an overall tendency that seems decided to cling on to the 80s for as long as it is humanly possible. After exploring the shapes and sizes of that controversial decade, designers seem now intent on replicating its patterns, colour-schemes and textures. Get ready to dress like your mum on a winter break in 1985, with geometrical pattern galore, shoulder pads and, of course, (faux)fur-coats.

Where will you be during Milan Womenswear Fashion Week?

milan fashion week 2017 catwalkThere is only one answer to that, if your field of expertise is even loosely connected with fashion: in Milan. Even if you do not own or manage a design brand and you do not have your own fashion show, there are still plenty of opportunities to grow your business in a city that will be bursting with professionals eager for networking and new deals. If you are looking to launching your product, creating exposure for your brand or meeting potential clients, buyers and stakeholders, Milan is the place to be. You need to plan ahead, which means you need to act now, before all the best spots in town are gone. If you need a surprising an unusual location in which to meet your clients or you are thinking of opening a pop-up shop to maximise your product’s exposure, look no further: we can help you!
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