Milano Digital Week: the most anticipated trade show in Europe

The Milano Digital Week, the third edition of which is going to take place from March 11th to 15th, has already become one of the most anticipated trade shows in Europe. Hundreds of events will take place in the city, featuring entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators from all over the world. This year’s theme is “Augmented City” and it calls for submissions for projects that can hope to outline the future of our urban spaces. Inclusivity and innovation are keywords.

Milano digital week

The past editions of the Milano Digital Week featured over 500 events, engaging almost 100k attendees and hundreds of organisations. Several aspects of digital evolution were addressed, including applications in the fields of healthcare, mobility, data management, market applications, communication, security, business, manufacturing, education, social enterprising, urban planning, software development, and the arts. The organisers are set to gather and connect a generation of innovators that are not content with watching the digital revolution happen: they want to lead it. This year’s main themes will be sustainable innovation and social inclusion.

What we can do for you

Do you have an exciting project to present? A brand new app waiting to be launched? Is your idea The Next Big Thing, that will make our society better, fairer, kinder, and lead us into the future? Then you should showcase your project at this year’s Milano Digital Week! In order to get the most out of your experience as an international exhibitor, you will need some local expertise. We at Smart Eventi specialise in providing international companies, professionals and brands with everything they need to attend trade shows in Italy. We will help you set up an impressive booth to draw attention to your product and reflect your brand values, our press office will get the local and international press interested, and we will help you find the best venues for your events.

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Strengthen professional relationships through events

What will you do once you connect to a potential partner, an investor or a future client, ready to make an order or support the development of your next prototype? First of all, you should get to know them better and bond over dinner, after a successful meeting. We will help you every step of the way. We will help you find exclusive, unique and fully-equipped meeting rooms, ranging from the classics corporate elegance to quirky, unusual venues that will surprise and delight your business partners. Need to put together a last-minute presentation and show it to a group of potential buyers? We will make sure your meeting room has a projector and suitable audio equipment, as well as multilingual staff. Would you like to take your newly-signed business partner out to dinner in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Milan? We have a vast network of local connections to get you a seat in the best restaurants, and we can also provide exclusive entertainment and gourmet experiences for you and your guests.

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