Milan women fashion week is coming back in September

Milan's women fashion week

Milan’s women fashion week is one of the most anticipated events in the fashion business worldwide. Twice yearly new collections for the fall/winter and spring/summer seasons are showcased before international audiences of buyers, journalists, designers and fashion enthusiasts, that gather in Milan for a week of glamorous events and business deals that will shape the year to come. This is also a perfect opportunity for brands to showcase their new products: anything that is in any way connected to style, beauty, fashion and glamour will be thrown under the limelight of this comprehensive event. Companies worldwide are aware of this week’s stunning business potential and therefore book showrooms, clubs and all sorts of venues well in advance. If you want to showcase your brand during Milan’s next women fashion week, from September 20th to 26th, you might be running out of time!

A worldwide audience

Milan’s women fashion week is among the events that have contributed to shaping Milan’s identity as a business and cultural European capital. This event’s international relevance has not simply been maintained through the years, it has actually grown into a complex and efficient business machine of its own. Thousands of professionals are drawn to it from every corner of the world, and the Italian Fashion Chamber does a magnificent job of coordinating all the individual events that make up the texture of this one, week-long, incredibly complex event. And because trade-shows and business events are only as successful as their attendees, each edition of Milan’s women fashion week is a worldwide success. Hundreds of fashions shows, launches, press conferences and parties celebrate the success of Italian fashion brands, showcase new talent, promote international exchanges and help brands explore new markets. For a whole week, Milan will be buzzing with creativity and bubbling with events that work in harmony, with clockwork precision.

Green carpet fashion awards 2017

The fashion business has shown a remarkable level of attention for the environment over the past years, leading the trend of “green” industries and showing commendable examples of corporate commitment to the preservation of our planet’s resources and to ethical business practices. This has led the Italian Fashion Chamber (CNMI), together with Eco-Age and supported by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development and the City of Milan, to create the Green Carpet Fashion Awards. The first event will take place on September 24th 2017 at La Scala Theatre, with a mission to celebrate a new vision of the fashion industry, one that promotes social and environmental awareness in the fashion business. The event is preceded by the CNMI Green Carpet Talent Competition, in which young creatives will submit their ideas for fashion that abides by The Green Challenge Principles of Sustainable Excellence, as identified by Eco-Age. The five finalists will share the stage with established brands such as Giorgio Armani, Prada, Gucci, Fendi and Valentino, making this contest a unique opportunity for young designers to showcase their talent in a world class setting.

Why you should plan your event during Milan’s women fashion week

Milan’s women fashion week is the place (and the time) to be. Hundreds of thousands of professionals and journalists from all over the world will be flitting from party to fashion show, from brunch to launch during a week of glamourous frenzy. Placing your marketing event correctly in this context can give your brand the kind of exposure it would otherwise take months if not years to build up to. Venues are getting booked as you read, so you should probably secure your spot right now! We can help you with that. We can also provide event-planning services, international staff, local promotion, venue scouting and help you set up your catwalk or pop-up shop.
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