5 new Italian fashion brands that you should know about

new italian fashion brands

When it comes to fashion, Italy is a brand name in and of itself. The Italian fashion industry has been an essential factor in the growth of the Country’s economy for decades and Italian brands, in turn, have provided a vital contribution to the industry on a global scale. Unless you have been living in a cave for the past century, you are bound to be familiar with a number of Italian fashion names that have redefined our entire concept of style and elegance. However, there’s more to the Italian fashion industry than Prada, Armani, Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana. New brands emerge every year and the most interesting trends are often to be found under the radar. Here’s our selection of the most interesting Italian fashion brands to look out for this season.

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5 new Italian fashion brands that you should know about

1. MSGM by Massimo Giorgetti

Keep an eye on MSGM, the brand founded by creative director Massimio Giorgetti in 2008. While the core of its inspiration bears the evident influence of classical fashion brands such as Chanel, MSGM puts a unique and irreverent twist on its creation. Its aesthetics are fresh, youthful and dynamic, infused with the timeless elegance that we associate with the Italian character. Floral patterns and vivid colours meet original, daring cuts and an original and refreshing approach to the use of textures and materials, resulting in vibrant creations that are at once intensely Italian and yet truly international.

2. Attico

Attico is the moniker chosen by Italian designers Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini for their streetstyle Italian fashion brand. These up and coming entrepreneurs have self-promotion down to a fine-art. They work as a team, each of them bringing a unique take to the brand’s couture. Attico launched in 2016 and it took the fashion world by storm with a collection of unique pieces inspired by different cities, each conveying an entirely different and strongly identifiable female personality. Get ready for a hurricane of rich textures and vivid colours, shiny robes, uniquely cut trench-coats, lavish combinations of velvet, silk and lace. Attico collections are reminiscent of a romantic past, which resonates both in their elegant lines and in the artisanal quality of their creations. The brand’s distinctive personality is the result of the clash of two entirely different styles that come together and negotiate a new balance with each design, relentlessly reinventing themselves.

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3. Splash

Splash launched in 2009, founded by Italian entrepreneur Carlo Maria Spadon. If you like your fashion indie, spicy, sustainable and with an attitude, this is the brand you should be looking out for. Spadon did not set out as a fashion designer, but as an entrepreneur with no previous experience in fashion design: there is a fundamental difference. Splash was his life project, born as a positive reaction to the Country’s economic crisis. This approach has influenced the brand’s aesthetics. The creations come from small labs that focus on researching designs and materials, working together with the chain of distribution. Splash creations were originally exclusively sold in pop-up shops and have recently reached retail distribution, as well as acquiring several prominent testimonials among Italian sport and showbiz personalities.

4. Fausto Puglisi

Fausto Puglisi established himself when his creations were discovered by Dolce & Gabbana and has since established his own brand in the US as a flag-bearer for Italian style. Appreciated by the likes of Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, he combines bold colour combinations and complex, almost baroque textures with essential lines, unafraid of mixing the classic and the contemporary in a unique way. Just when you think Puglisi style is all about colourful printed patterns, he will surprise you with simple, short dresses in primary colours or vintage geometries in black and white. The press can’t get enough of him and we are sure to hear a lot more about him in the near future.

5. The Gigi

Brothers Pierluigi and Mario Boglioli started out in the fashion industry with their own family brand (Boglioli), which they left in 2013 to start their own label with the suggestive name The Gigi. They specialise in men’s fashion, creating a unique blend of urban style and classical Italian craftsmanship. Their motto, which they have embroidered on every single creation, is “don’t look back”, which speaks volumes about their attitude to the fashion industry. They are not afraid to experiment on the most classical of Italian designs, reimagining men’s couture for modern dandies, bold and ironic, but unfailingly elegant.

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