Come to Italy for New Year’s Eve: we have castles

So it’s here: that unmistakable time of the year when people start asking you about your plans for New Year’s Eve. Has it started yet for you? Are you among those who ask or among those who suffer others asking? And, most importantly, what are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Sometimes it just seems easier to postpone the decision, in the hope that someone in your circle of friends will just come up with that perfect, ready-made solution and spare you the hassle of making the calls and then feeling guilty if every single one of your acquaintances is not having the time of their lives. Does that sound like something you want to do? We didn’t think so either. Why is so much pressure put on having fun at NYE? Probably because we associate this one particular night with new beginnings and there is a certain amount of pressure to make new beginnings matter. You know what is coming next, don’t you? We are going to tempt you and you are going to find it hard to resist. Particularly if you have already considered spending Christmas in Italy, why not extending your stay and treating yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime experience, spending New Year’s Eve in Italy, specifically in a fairy-tale-like medieval castle? We have something truly unique in store.

New Year’s Eve at Pomerio Castle

pomerio castle new year's eve italy nyeWe have been throwing spectacular NYE parties at Pomerio Castle for three years now. 2017 will be our fourth and we plan on it to being the grandest yet. We keep coming back to this magnificent old fortress, surrounded by the green hills of Lombardy, for a number of reason. First of all, we know a flashy, rowdy club with house music and ultra-modern decor is not everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to entertainment choices. Of course, it is natural to want to look to the future on New Year’s Eve, but we also have a deep-rooted love for a classical idea of beauty and we know that you learn from the past to build the future. And, of course, the majestic Roman walls, medieval interior architecture and spectacular frescoed ceilings might have played a part in us falling head-over-heels in love with this building, where courts and noblemen through the centuries have hailed in countless New Years and celebrated the achievements of a past we can barely imagine. And since sometimes you just have to treat yourself, we suggest that you book yourself in for the princely banquet you dreamt of as a child, reading fairy-tales of kings and knights. Only, in this case, the gala dinner will come after a welcome cocktail, rather than a week’s worth of boar hunting, which, you must admit, is an improvement. We will welcome you into a great hall, with beautiful XIV Century frescoes, for a glorious dinner. If, however, you are thinking more “romantic escape” than “royal banquet”, allow us to take you to the fireplace hall (the name is pretty self-explanatory), which has been especially decked with a limited number of tables for two, to allow you to hail in the new year in the sole company of that one special person. After the traditional midnight toast, there will be time for dancing (we do have a dj booked, seemed more fitting than a minstrel). When you see your fellow-revellers sit back down for a night-time snack, don’t be surprised: lentils and cotechino (pork leg) are being served. This is a popular Italian tradition: it is believed that eating these two dishes on New Year’s Eve will bring wealth and prosperity for the coming year. Let us know if it worked.

New Year’s Eve in Villa Castelbarco

villa castelbarco new year's eve italy nyeLet us take to Vaprio d’Adda, a lovely town located between the river by the same name and the Martesana Canal, just a short drive from Milan. Here you will find another stunning venue, in which we have thrown many a memorable NYE party: Villa Castelbarco. Again – and you may be spotting a pattern by now – we were originally attracted to this incredible location because of its history and prestige, which are apparent in every detail and every corner of this elegant facility. The building itself is medieval in origin, dating back to the XIII Century, and the events hosted here always prove to be a charming, balanced blend of classical style and futuristic efficiency. What more can you ask for on New Year’s Eve? The theme of continuity, of evolving into the future by building on the past, is an ever-present one at Villa Castelbarco. The decor manages that almost impossible feat: alternating ancient and original elements with new additions, without betraying the nature of either and without creating a clash between the two. Everything is composed into a harmonic and consistent identity, whose charm resides precisely in the diversity of its elements. This is the ideal place to spend NYE, particularly if, once you are done admiring the frescoed walls and ceiling and the handsome architecture, you are ultimately looking for a pleasant evening of light-hearted fun. Here too, we will be providing two halls, catering for two different types of guests. In one the tables will seat ten guests each: this is the ideal setting for a party of friends wishing to spend the evening with an elegant and sophisticated crowd, but still share the intimacy of their table with a restricted circle of chosen acquaintances. In the second hall, we will provide, again, an exclusive environment for couples, with a romantic atmosphere and tables for two, allowing you to make love, rather than partying, the central theme of your evening.
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