Outdoor activities for your autumn team-building

Team-building is a fantastic way of nurturing a sense of belonging within your organisation and of smoothing over tensions and conflicts between employees. Most companies invest in team-building beginning in the springtime and all through the summer, believing this to be the best timeframe for outdoor activities. By doing so, however, they focus their team-building efforts in the hot season, leaving most of the year out. Having long periods in which the team is focused exclusively on productivity is what can lead to those tensions and conflicts in the first place. One good thing about team-building planning in Italy, however, is that outdoor activities are not to be confined exclusively to the months between May and August: they can take place all through September and October. Depending on where you are, you might still be enjoying some outdoor team-building fun by Christmas! Check out some of our favourite outdoor activities to challenge your team this autumn!

Outdoor activities for your autumn team-building

The Office Olympics

We first conceived the Office Olympics as a summer activity to be carried out on the beach, but we soon realised this format was flexible enough to work just as well in a park, on a lawn or anywhere else that has soft ground and plenty of space. The best thing about them is that they comprise a wide range of outdoor activities that you can choose from. Pick the ones that best suit your team members and create your own bespoke Office Olympics anywhere in Italy. The key to a fantastic experience is to arrange the tasks by their difficulty level, starting easy and then having your team engage in increasingly demanding activities. You can include anything, from tug-of-war to archery: just make sure you always work with trained team-building professionals, to select the best facility and abide by all necessary safety regulations.

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Wherever you travel in Italy, you will find spectacular scenery and come across some of the most celebrated natural wonders in the world. Among other things, virtually every Italian region has woodlands of one kind or another, from the Apennine forests to the lush woods of the Alpine regions, from the Mediterranean bushland of the islands to the pine-tree forests of the continental south. Find the perfect spot for one of our favourite outdoor activities. Orienteering is relatively easy for beginners to grasp, yet challenging and exciting to experience, no matter how many times you try it. And it is the perfect team-building activity for the autumn season: nothing can match the beauty of the burning colours of a forest in later September or early October, nor the satisfaction of celebrating the day’s work with a hearty meal and some good, old-fashion Italian food.

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Kayaking & Rafting

What? In the fall? Well, yes, there’s no reason not to do it. Sure, the river water might be chilly, but the point is not to end up in it and, even if that happens, you will always be in full gear and the temperatures are unlikely to exceedingly cold anyway. Among the perks of going for a rafting or kayaking experience in this season, you should count the “low-season effect”, meaning you will be able to hire the best professionals in the field for a reasonable rate. Rafting is a fantastic team building activity, in that it makes the need for cooperation immediately and physically obvious, driving the concept home better and faster than any standard group exercise could. Also, as far as outdoor activities go, it’s probably the most fun, adrenaline-packed and memorable way ever of spending an afternoon with your colleagues.

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