Pizza making team building is the bonding experience your company needs!

Pizza making team building pizza

Business travel requires focus. A team travelling abroad to attend a trade show or a conference, or to meet with a potential client or partner will often encounter more trouble when it comes to staying in the right headspace and communicating with one another than they have with logistics or actual business management. Hence the increasing number of companies that book team-building experiences for their employees during a stay abroad, to cope with the stress and expectations of their international commitments. Among our international clients, there is a particular favourite when it comes to team building in Italy. And it happens to be a particular favourite when it comes to… well, everything in Italy! You guessed: we are talking about pizza! Can you turn pizza-making into a team-building experience? Of course you can! And it is one of the most rewarding team building activities ever, if only because you get to eat the fruits of your work!

Pizza making team building

What we offer our guest teams is the opportunity to witness the whole cycle of pizza making, from ingredient selection to the mouth-watering finale. This beloved food has become synonymous with all things Italian, it is a badge of identity and also the ultimate comfort food. What most people don’t know is that pizza is also relatively quick and simple to prepare from scratch, which makes it an ideal team-building activity. And there’s the added bonus of not only getting to taste authentic Italian pizza but also learning how to make it at home!

Pizza making team building man

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Why is pizza making a good team-building activity

Pizza making is a fantastic team building activity for several reasons. First and foremost it is fun, interesting, and an excellent way of getting away from the pressure of a business trip. And of course, as is the case with team cooking in general, it improves personal dynamics within the team. Cooking together requires communication and coordination and pizza making is particularly suited to function as a collective effort in which everyone carries out a specific task and is unique and needed. There is also much to be said for using a learning experience as a team-building activity: working under the supervision of an expert “pizzaiolo” the participants will harmonically ply their newly acquired skills, grasping the whole process as they go along.

pizzaiolo team building

Creativity and flare

The best thing about pizza is that you can get creative with it. Once the dough has been prepared, every participant can try out their favourite toppings, turning the final tasting into a challenge. We have seen some pretty unusual combinations, which probably won’t make it onto any official book or tv show, but they sure provided a unique tasting experience for those who came up with them and for their colleagues. For extra flair, when learning how to make pizza from a professional pizzaiolo, your employees will also learn some basic acrobatic tricks and enjoy an authentic acrobatic pizza dough performance.

Pizza making team building

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