Plan your event in Italy this autumn – a 4-step guide

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How do you create the perfect event? First and foremost, you need to plan ahead, particularly if you are hosting your event abroad. This year, Italy is shaping up to be one of the hottest destinations for trade shows, business travel, and corporate events. If you are planning to host your meeting, corporate convention or conference in Italy in the fall, you should start working on it now, to make sure every detail is in place when the time comes to welcome your attendees. Working on a complex project in a foreign Country can be overwhelming: you will be dealing with vendors, finding the perfect venue, liaising with the media, managing the logistics and finding accommodation for everyone. Make your life easier by sticking to a simple list of actionable points.

1. Have a clear focus! What is the goal of your event and why are you hosting it in Italy?

Not all events are created equal and, depending on your main goals, there are a number of aspects that you might want to do differently. Launching a new product, for instance, will require a very specific media plan and marketing campaign, whereas a kickoff meeting or a corporate convention will require to communicate exclusively within your organisation, on an international level. Be clear about your target, your goals, and the impact you want your event to have both locally, internationally and within your specific field.

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2. Find the perfect venue for your event in Italy

If you are planning an event in the fall, you are probably thinking of an indoor affair. However, depending on the location and the exact date you pick, you might be surprised to find that outdoor venues are still very much on the table. It is not unusual, in many Italian regions, to have fair weather well into October, thus stretching the timeframe for garden- and rooftop-parties. The best strategy, when organising an event, is to plan ahead and hire a venue that allows for different set-ups, depending on the weather. You will have to work with all your vendors and your staff to make sure things run smoothly in case you need to move your guests and your set-up inside during the event. Having a plan B is always a good idea: regardless of the weather, it is good practice to play out a few different scenarios during the planning stages, to make sure nothing can catch you unprepared.

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3. Budgeting for your event in Italy

When planning an event abroad, you will need to allocate your budget carefully. The earlier you start working on it, the better value for money you will get on your venue, accommodation and travel. Having more time to compare offers from service providers will also allow you to pick the ones that are best suited to your needs, which ultimately leads to saving on all expenses – whereas last-minute bookings tend to affect your budget rather more dramatically. Save yourself some work by hiring a local agency to manage the offers and liaise with the vendors for you: having an on-site, Italian-speaking team will ensure any last-minute inconvenience is dealt with swiftly and effectively.

4. Get seasonal!

Even corporate events need creativity! And the autumn season is the perfect event theme: it comes with bright and warm colours, comfort food, a cheerful and cosy atmosphere and the perfect excuse for a glass of red wine. If you are looking to impress your guests, choose a seasonal menu for your main meal and add a few seasonal snacks for smaller breaks if needed. If you want to treat your attendees to something special at the end of the day, you could book a wine-tasting session. In this case, we recommend you look for local producers: every Italian region has its own unique brands and characteristic vintages and you are almost guaranteed to find the perfect selection to go with your autumn catering.

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