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There are many ways of making a team building day memorable. Some like to take up
extreme sports, while others would rather unleash the artist within. And then there are the “classics” of team building, which are often a first timer’s preferred choice, such as paintball and Tibetan-bridge crossing. At Smart Eventi, we like to experiment with new activities as often as possible and redefine the concept of “adventure”. That’s what we did with our client Andromede. We went quad biking in the Ticino National park and it was a fantastic experience.

Quad biking: a team building case study

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In the right place, at the right time

The first goal of a team-building project should be to break from routine. And, to be honest, we struggle to think of something less routine-like, for the team of a leading company in industrial laundry equipment, than spending a whole day racing through the mud. The best thing about quad biking is that you can plan outdoor activities without worrying about the weather or waiting for a sunny day, which makes it perfect for the cold season. In fact, the wetter, rainier and muddier the conditions, the better. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wait for a rainy day either, but you definitely don’t have to worry about it. For this project, we selected the majestic Ticino Natural Park. This beautiful reserve near Varese is often overlooked in favour of the numerous natural parks in Lombardy, most of which are larger and more popular – but not necessarily more beautiful – than this one. To us, this was the perfect location for quad biking. Its lush vegetation, thick undergrowth, and naturally humid environment – thanks to the nearby river – provided the perfect conditions for a fun quad race. Designed for off-road driving, these vehicles give their best performances on hard, irregular and muddy terrain.

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Quad biking

Quads are nothing if not stable: their four wheels will always stay firmly on the ground, no matter what you do and where you take them. As our guests quickly discovered, riding a quad bike does not require any particular skill or previous training: it is enough to be curious and down for some serious fun. As a team-building tool, this activity serves a multitude of purposes. It encourages a laid-back attitude: the participants can relax and allow themselves to act on instinct in a way that seldom occurs within a professional environment. Racing through the mud on a large bike can be a very liberating experience. There is an inner child in all of us, yearning to be let out to play: unleashing one’s own inner child and having them interact with everyone else’s puts a whole new spin on workplace interactions. Quad biking stimulates several personal qualities too, many of which can come in useful in a professional environment. Some of them have to do with the fact that quads are designed for one driver and one passenger, which means a certain amount of trust needs to be established within each pair, in order to brave complex tracks and paths. Moreover, as simple as maneuvering a quad is, it still requires agility, focus and a great deal of adaptability, in an environment that has few rules and in which playing it by ear is an essential skill. This is problem-solving made fun!

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