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Some businesses tackle customer base building as full force as possible. They are depictions of what an ideal customer or customer groups would look like. Their demographics, their cultural backgrounds, and other such information can be researched and explored to understand where more opportunities lie. These personas are fictional and generalized. They help a lot of people, from marketing and sales to product and services to fully take on an understanding of what these customers need in the long run. This fact drives many things, including content creation, product development, sales follow up, and much more. This scenario continuously builds and creates customer acquisition and retention in the long run. Here are some tips to consider when building a startup persona.

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Acknowledging the negative personas

Forming positive personas is not the only thing to consider. Negative aspects can also be entertained in the thought process to understand what types of customers do not want to be attracted to this product or service. For example, children’s toys might make their positive personas geared toward children’s demographics and so on, but they might make negative personas for teenagers or other children who are not part of a specific age group. Positive personas can exist for adults with children’s toys, too. After all, parents will be the ones making the purchase. A negative persona to fit this positive one would be adults who are not parents, so the commercials might focus on family ties and specific age groups to attract the positive personas, and the negative personas then fall into line based on the content not being a target to them.

Get to know all personas in all ways possible

There are a few, specific things that need to be considered about personas. Their common objections might be one thing to consider right away, so that information can be built into a negative persona if need be. Then, dissect the other personas on the positive end. Look at who and what influences their decisions. Make sure both their values and their fears are understood in-depth. This understanding will lead to noting what their goals and objectives could be. Gathering this kind of background information can also lead to information about age groups, income considerations, which makes the transaction, and specific interests. Back to the children’s toys example, a product can be tailored to certain types of toys. They can focus on R/C cars and races or princesses gowns modeled after some pop-culture characters. Understanding the specific group of children who are into these specific things brings about an understanding of how to market and sell the product.

Conducting Interviews

There are many things to consider before conducting interviews can begin. Many of these steps and analysis have already been mentioned, but here are a few to consider closely. This information can be gathered in some ways. It can be done through forms on a website with form fields to capture important persona data. The sales team should be given time to allow for feedback on the leads they are most interested in for the long run. Then, interviews can be conducted with prospect customers. These can be done in person or over the phone. It can be done through digital media, too. The point is to discover what these prospects like about a product or service. This information is then created into a persona that can be understood for what the specific target audience looks like.


These tips are only a few of the ones that can best build a successful set of startup personas. Remember, all sides, positive and negative, must be dealt with throughout the entire consideration process.

Jason Vander GriendtJason Vander Griendt is the mechanical design engineering expert behind Render 3D Quickly, a company specializing in three-dimensional architectural renderings and visualizations. With years of experience in the field of 3D rendering and animation, Vander Griendt has established a global reputation for the exceptional insight and expertise he has regularly provided to architects, builders, contractors, designers, homeowners, and real estate companies from all over the world.





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