3 remote team building activities to engage your employees

In recent months we have learned about remote team building and acknowledged that it follows rules that are very different from those that apply to traditional team building. We know that, in the coming months and years, brands will have to adapt their company culture and team-building practices to our new reality. For this reason, ever since this crisis began, we have started a specific consulting activity, dedicated to remote team building, offering new activities designed to help your team stay productive and proactive even at a distance. Here are some ideas you and your employees can try.

3 remote team building activities to engage your employees

Smart Workers Challenge

We have created the ultimate virtual challenge for SMART workers, combining a virtual tour of Italy with a series of interactive and entertaining games. Participants will be divided into teams and face different challenges, which will determine both personal and team scores. All activities, of course, are designed to be carried out remotely. Your employees will get all the benefits of a dynamic, interactive, and engaging experience, without needing to use anything more complicated than a smartphone or a tablet. Our team will support you and create an emotional video to be streamed during the final conference call when the winner is announced. The purpose of this remote team building is to strengthen your “smart team” by improving problem-solving and time management.

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Drum Home

Aka: what you get when you can’t really form a drum circle. Yet another of our beloved team building classics adapted to work as a remote team building activity. Like all activities based on rhythm and music, this team building has a strong emotional impact on participants and helps to create great harmony and empathy between them. The aim of this challenge is the composition of a new company jingle, through coordinated work on the text, rhythm, and music. This fascinating team building experience is all about creativity! Once created, the jingle will have to be played by the whole team on a conference call. Making music together will help your team understand the importance of individual roles within a group and encourage coordination. Making music with others requires each participant to pay attention to what the others are doing: without listening, there is no harmony.

Chef Academy

Another culinary team building, inspired by the recent collective obsession with cooking and baking. We have all watched video tutorials, maybe tried online courses, we have all made clumsy attempts to learn how to bake bread, and some of us even tried our hand at the most elaborate homemade cakes. This remote team building transfers all this culinary enthusiasm into a competition between colleagues. The participants, in fact, will have to challenge each other to make a recipe, to be recreated step by step to achieve the best visual result – as the “judges” will only be able to see the results, not taste them. There will be a lot of Instagram sharing of beautifully presented dishes, and, hopefully, the food will be actually good and each participant will be able to share it at least with their family. This team-building activity is also very flexible, as it can be designed as an individual competition, or it can include the creation by each team of a complete menu. Besides, the preparation can take place on live streaming or be filmed and photographed and then merged into a video to be shared among all participants. This is all about having an amazing time while stimulating creativity and problem-solving. And, of course, enjoy a delicious dinner at the end!

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