Showcasing a streetwear brand in a hi-tech venue: the future of catwalks

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There’s been a lot of talk recently of how technology and innovation can help fashion events be successful despite the restrictive measures being taken in most countries. The live-streamed catwalks by Armani and Laura Biagiotti were perfect examples of how technology can prove useful in this industry, allowing a remote audience to experience the event fully and interact with it if needed. As it happens, technology has much to contribute to catwalks even when there isn’t a pandemic happening. We proved that just a few months before the Covid-19 crisis and we can’t wait to get back to that production model. It all started with a streetwear brand: Boxeur Des Rues.

Showcasing a streetwear brand in a hi-tech venue: the future of catwalks

Boxeur Des Rues conquers Germany

Born in 2003, this Italian company focuses on the production of streetwear and last year wished to approach the German market. We were therefore tasked with planning a catwalk to launch a new collection. It was a private event, destined exclusively to an audience of German buyers.

Mds Boxeur streetwear

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The Venue

We always take great care selecting the perfect venue for each event and working mostly in Milan fives us a vast choice of amazing spaces. For this fashion show, we selected a venue whose style matched the vibe of a modern streetwear brand. It combines the style and exclusivity that comes with a privileged position (just a short walk from Piazza Duomo) with a hyper-modern, almost futuristic attitude. It is a self-styled “smart space”, equipped with state-of-the-art digital technologies that can make any event organiser’s dreams come true. Any event planned here is a memorable and engaging experience. This venue has two levels, offering a comprehensive surface of 300 square metres. The ground floor has seven windows for product display, which makes it suited to a variety of purposes.

Mds Boxeur streetwear fashion

Hi tech and extra content.

This was an exclusive event, not meant for the general public. The Boxeur Des Rues streetwear collection was being showcased for a selected group of German buyers. Hence the need for a hi-tech venue: our client needed to integrate the fashion show with a lot of extra content. Each buyer had an iPad on which to follow the show, accessing the technical details of each item of clothing. There was a large screen streaming promotional videos of the campaign and an array of touch screens to allow each buyer to browse through the entire collection at leisure.

Mds Boxeur streetwear catwalk

Making it special

When planning exclusive business events, we always strive to create a unique interactive experience, that will be remembered as something more than a press day or a product showcase. We want to create rich, complex and immersive experiences and technology helps with that. It can make a difference. It is all about giving the audience control: they are not just sitting there watching a catwalk happen, they can look at an outfit and immediately retrieve the details they are interested in (about fabrics, catalog, availability or pricing). They can look at the big picture or they can browse for the specific items they are interested in. This is what an event should be like: a multi-layered experience that is unique for each individual because it can be customised in real-time.

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