This town in Sicily will actually sell you a house for €1

sambuca sicily houses 1 euro

What would you do, if you were offered the opportunity of buying a beautiful house with a sea view for as little as one Euro? Unbelievable as it may sound, this is exactly what the city council of Sambuca, a small town close to Agrigento, in Sicily, is offering, as part of a program aimed at boosting tourism, attracting investments and revitalising the economy of the little hamlet, that was elected Italy’s most beautiful village in 2016. Of course, this incredible offer comes with a few strings attached.

Why this village in Sicily is giving away its most beautiful houses

Sambuca is not a unique example: other town and villages in Italy have experimented with offers of this nature before. What makes Sambuca unique is that the city council can actually keep its promises, since it owns the houses is putting on the market for €1, whereas in most other cases the city council was simply mediating between buyers and owners and the deals were not as clear-cut as the propaganda might have led prospective buyers to believe. These incredible deals, however, come with a few precise conditions: new owners are required to refurbish and restore the buildings they acquire. The long-term goal of this program is to counteract a depopulation trend that has overtaken the town over the last years.

sambuca sicily houses 1 euro belvedere

Piazza del Belvedere, Sambuca di Sicilia – by Civa61 – Creative Commons

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Investing in your future projects in Italy

While local officials have launched this program to stop Sambuca from turning into a ghost town, it is at least to be expected that most buyers will want to do more than simply move to this beautiful little village, or acquire a summer house in the sun. This is too good an investment opportunity to miss for anyone planning to start a new business that might benefit from being run from a lovely seaside town and on cheaply acquired property. In other words, this is the perfect time to start investing in the development of your project. When developing your business abroad, you should not only focus on your assets and expertise, but also on the sustainability of the overall projects. When moving to Italy, for instance, choosing a large city or an industrial region in the North presents very different advantages and drawbacks compared to choosing a small village in sunny Sicily. Anyone wishing to work in travel & hospitality, for instance, would probably have more to gain from choosing the latter than the former. Work-life balance should also be taken into consideration and, on that particular count, Sambuca is probably one of the best places to move to.

sambuca sicily

Sambuca, Sicily – by Mboesch – Creative Commons

A new business landscape

The point of a program like the one launched by the Sambuca city council is to relaunch the local economy. This means that business investors are going to be welcome and, with the right incentives, international entrepreneurs have the potential of turning this beautiful seaside village into an exciting business and holiday travel destination.

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