Skyway Monte Bianco: your luxury business venue in the Alps

skyway montebianco

Booking a conference room downtown? Been there, done that, nobody is going to be impressed. If you want your corporate event to be absolutely unique, you should aim higher. Literally. Think mountain-high and you’re halfway there. Skyway Monte Bianco is the way to do this in style. Board a cable car on this absolute masterpiece of Italian technology and allow yourself to climb towards one of the highest peaks in Europe in complete comfort, stopping to sample the delicious local wines on your way to the majestic top of Mont Blanc. Sometimes it’s not the destination that counts, it’s the journey. Sometimes it’s both. When exploring the alpine regions of Italy, for instance, you should definitely take the time to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of the scenery that surrounds you as you travel, and savour every aspect of your destination, when you reach it. Hold on – I hear you say – weren’t we talking about conference rooms? Well, that’s something else you might find along the way.

Skyway Monte Bianco

Cable cars are not an uncommon sight in mountain region, but Skyway Montebianco is much more than a means of transportaition: it is an absolute masterpiece of Italian technology. Located in Val D’Aosta, it has been operational since 2015 and it connects the popular tourist station of Courmayeur with Punta Helbronner, stopping by at the intermediate station of Pavillon du Mont Fréty. As you climb towards the glaciers and perennial snows of Mont Blanc, your car will rotate, allowing you to take the spectacular landscape in its entirety.

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You will start your journey in Courmayeur, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Italy, which caters to high-end international tourists and business travellers all year round.

Pavillon du Mont Fréty

skyway montebiancoFrom Courmayeur, the cable car will take you to the intermediate station of Pavillon du Mont Fréty in five minutes. This large and ultramodern facility has been designed to offer every possible service business travellers may need. The conference room can welcome up to 150 guests and it is complete with state-of-the-art equipment for large meetings and panels, including a booth for simultaneous interpreters. The station’s restaurants and bars are directly accessible from the conference room and they offer a spectacular view of the Veny Valley. At this level you will also find the renowned Cave Mont Blanc di Morgex and La Salle winery, which offers a permanent exhibition on the local varieties of grapes that are used for the region’s renowned wines.

Punta Helbronner

skyway montebiancoYour final destination is Punta Helbronner, which, at over 11300 feet, is the closest you can get to the top of Mont Blanc. Here you will stand on a broad panoramic terrace, overlooking the majesty of the ancient glaciers and some of the highest peaks of the Alpine range, including Mounts Cervino, Rosa, Gran Paradiso and Grand Combin. Now, can you think of a better place in which to host your event? Just being on this incredible 360° terrace will leave your guests speechless. If the weather does not allow you to enjoy the view from the terrace for too long, you will be able to move your event to one of the indoor venues available on the station.
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