Smart Press Day: how you can launch your brand and talk to the press while social distancing

In this period of great difficulty for all productive and commercial activities, we have learned one thing: being unable to physically spend time with each other has not hindered our yearning for it and our need to stay connected. This need may be, of course, exquisitely personal and human, but we know it to be professional as well. There is still a market with which all companies have to deal and consequently, there are new products that are designed, launched, distributed, and sold. For this reason, many of our customers have been asking a few recurring questions, such as “how does a company launch a product during a pandemic?” and “how do we reach the public, during this period of social distancing, restrictions and blanket bans on events?” We at Smart Eventi have created a new format for this purpose, designed to meet these specific needs, and we have dubbed it the SMART PRESS DAY.

Our goal: reaching relevant users and members of the press

What’s the point of a press day? To introduce a new product and the narration that surrounds it to a very specific professional category: the press. In our events, we always gather journalists and bloggers specializing in the most diverse fields of economy, art, entertainment, and work, and we offer them unique experiences related to our customers’ brands. The first step in the preparatory phase, therefore, is to tap into our extensive network of contacts to draw up a strategy and identify all those we want to involve in our virtual SMART PRESS DAY.

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Step 1: Sending a gift box to journalists and bloggers

We have already experimented with this format for make-up and beauty products, sending “beauty boxes” to top bloggers, influencers, and journalists. This strategy, however, can be easily adapted to any product that can be handled and tested at home, from fashion to technology, from food to fragrances, from drinks to household appliances and cleaning products. At this stage, our team assembles a package containing the required samples, complete with product information, printed material, customised gadgets, and accessories designed to enrich the recipient’s user experience.

Step 2: the tutorial

A key component of press days is the illustration of the correct use of the product by an expert. Even when the product is easy to use on its own, there is a special pleasure in seeing it used to its full potential. To safeguard this aspect of the press-day experience, we organise a live stream with a qualified influencer to explain the product and display it to its full potential. This way we also preserve the value of the influencer as a testimonial, which goes beyond the dimension of a simple advertising campaign, evolving into an interactive customer journey.

Step 3: social success

Of course, no advertising action can be successful without adequate social impact. That’s why we ask journalists and bloggers participating in our SMART PRESS DAY projects to make small videos and take pictures while using the product. This material will then be shared on the company’s social media profiles. It is also possible to organize contests for journalists, offering prizes and access to exclusive products or services.


Our life, at this particular time, is made up of long-distance greetings and virtual events. Digital space has become the only environment in which we can move safely. For this reason, our SMART PRESS DAY system aims to use this space in the best way possible, taking advantage of all the possibilities granted by technology and social networks.

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