Job hunting in Italy? These STEM professions are much in demand

STEM jobs in italy 1

Job hunting in Italy? If you have high tech skills, your chances are going to double. A lot has been said, lately, on Italy’s employment rate, but mere figures fail to provide an accurate picture of the current situation. While most sources focus on unemployment rates or on the difficulties, for many young graduates, to find adequate jobs, they fail to mention the many companies struggling to fill certain positions, due to a lack of suitable candidates. And if you think this must be a negligible percentage, in a Country that is famous for having more employable people than available jobs, think again. Over 1 in 4 positions, this year, is going to remain vacant. On the other hand, this means that those with the right qualifications will have no trouble finding employment in Italy. And it’s good news for STEM graduates.

STEM jobs are in demand

The hardest positions to fill are those requiring technical skills and STEM degrees. Engineers, in particular, are much in demand (with the offer falling short by almost 60%). IT technicians are equally hard to find: approximately 58% of the 5000 open positions in this field are not being filled. Mathematicians, physicists, and chemists follow closely: just under half of the positions on offer are likely to find suitable candidates. Within these fields, there are multiple available jobs on the Italian market, ranging from planning to R&D.

STEM jobs in italy

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Where to find employment in Italy (with your STEM degree)

If you have one of the most sought-after degrees in the Country and are ready to go job hunting, you might want to head North-East. Probably due to a tendency to restrict the search for candidates to the local territory, the regions of Veneto, Friuli, and part of Lombardy are the ones with the highest concentration of companies struggling to hire STEM graduates. Tuscany follows closely, with a strong demand for technical positions connected to the fields of furniture design and production, fashion, mechatronics, and metallurgy.

A new legal framework

Of course, it would be simplistic to describe the relationship between candidates and companies as a mere offer-vs-demand dynamic. The situation is more complex than that. For instance, a new legal framework is emerging, which demands specific tasks to be performed, tasks that require incredibly specific hard and soft skills that were almost non-existent a few years ago. Most of these professional profiles focus on data protection and cybersecurity. Law tech, for instance, is a rapidly expanding field and legal experts in the protection of sensitive data are increasingly needed in the Country. There is also a growing demand for crisis management experts and big-data analysts. More than anything, cross-border professions are shaping up to be the future of employment: tech experts must be versed in the legal aspects of their field, marketing managers need to have technical knowledge of big data and to be aware of the legal framework in which they operate.

STEM jobs in italy 1

The exciting new frontiers of employment in Italy

What does the future of employment look like in Italy? There are no certain answers to this question, but it looks increasingly like carving your own unique profile, with your own unique combination of hard and soft skills, might be the best course of action. Provided that your career has a solid basis in STEM.

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