Find the perfect venue for your summer events in Italy

event venues milan skyscraper terrace

When organising an event, picking the venue is generally the first item on every planner’s checklist. The venue you choose says a lot about your whole event, about your brand, your personality and the kind of message you are hoping to convey to your attendees. For all these reasons, summer is an event planner’s favourite seasons, because the choice of available venues gradually expands and, before you know it, you are not only assessing your options based on budget and technical features but on the lushness of the garden and the exposition of the terrace. If you are shopping for the perfect venue for your summer events in Italy, we have three options for you.

Find the perfect venue for your summer events in Italy

A very big house in the country

Or a cascina, as they are known in most of Italy. We recently hired this venue for a team building program with 100 participants. We needed a large venue, obviously, but this magnificent, repurposed farm-house gave us more than that. Just a short drive away from Milan, this venue is located in one of the loveliest corners of the Lombard countryside and it has a vast and perfectly manicured garden, ideal for outdoor activities and for a post-event chill with a glass of cold wine. The overall style of the venue is pure Italian shabby-chic, the kind that makes you want to sit on the porch and crave home-made food, and it was therefore perfectly suited for a cooking class. The weather was perfect, which allowed us to line up dozens of tables in the garden, creating what looked like a Masterchef try-out for our guests. We had, however, planned for every circumstance: this was precisely the point of choosing a venue whose interiors were almost as roomy as its garden. This is one tip you should take with you when you go venue shopping: if your event can’t be carried out in changeable weather, always have a plan B to fall back on!

event venues milan country house cooking class

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Press-day with a view

We love press days and product launches. There’s something unique the excitement of the press finding out about a new product for the first time. A press day is where the magic happens before it lands on magazines and web forums in the form of promotional articles, influencer reviews, and special offers. When tasked with organising a press day for a new line of beauty products, we focused on two themes: freedom and relaxation. How do you choose a venue based on such abstract concepts? Easy: you focus on the experience, not the building (although the building was sensational, even though we say so ourselves). We selected a panoramic terrace on the thirteenth floor of a building (no, Italians are not scared of the number thirteen, we do have thirteenth floors and we are happy to use them) with a breath-taking view of the city’s skyline. We arranged for the products themselves to be put on display on the terrace, making the most of the golden hour light and just adding a touch of our own style to the set-up and lighting. When something is this perfect, you really don’t need to change it. And because the atmosphere was so magical, we were able to do the unthinkable: we convinced a crowd of journalists to give up their phones and just enjoy the moment for once. They did and not one of them seemed to miss their Instagram feed. If a venue makes that happen, it’s safe to say it was the right choice.

event venues milan skyscraper terrace

Shameless luxury

Luxury hotels in Milan are every event planner’s dream. When a client asks us for a venue that will make a big impression, there are a handful of hotels that come to mind. In the summer, however, our favourite options are the ones that include a large rooftop terrace on which to host an elegant aperitivo. One of the many perks of choosing this kind of venue is that they are always equipped for both corporate meetings and parties. In this particular instance, we needed to arrange for keynote speakers to address the client’s sales force, but we also needed to throw a party for their friends and families. Working in this environment made the transition perfectly smooth and we went from speakers to DJs, from note-taking to cocktail drinking in a matter of minutes, without ever breaking the flow of the whole event. Compelling corporate meeting followed by a perfect summer evening on the terrace? Done! Team building session followed by a private party and three DJs? No problem. This is the kind of combination you can afford when you only work with the best!

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