The top 4 incentive destinations for next summer you haven’t heard about

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Italy is a popular travel destination with all manner of tourists and travellers. From art lovers to business execs looking for leisure, from shop-a-holics and fashionistas to gourmet and wine connoisseurs, from lovers of sports to devout pilgrims. When you plan your incentive programme for next summer, you can’t go wrong with offering your employees a trip to Italy. A well-crafted incentive gift will enhance team motivation, boost morale and make your employees feel valued and appreciated. Depending on the kind of experience you want to provide, you will find that Italy offers a variety of amazing destinations. Make sure you research your team-members’ taste and passions, in order to be able to tailor the trip to each individual’s specific interests and personality. Once you have settled on your chosen destination, make sure you book as soon as possible: high season prices tend to skyrocket while, by booking your incentive travel programme in spring, you are likely to get excellent deals on your reservations.

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The top 4 incentive destinations for next summer you haven’t heard about

Val di Non – Trentino-Alto Adige – extreme sports (and extremely good food)

val di non incentive destinations summer 2018 italyIf you hear the name “Val di Non” (Non Valley), chances are it is as a worldwide exporter of delicious fruit, particularly apples. However, there are plenty more reasons to visit this beautiful valley over the summer that have nothing to do with agriculture. The Non Valley is located for the most part in the German-speaking part of Trentino and it is a favourite destination of lovers of adventure sports such as kayaking and rafting. The Noce river provides the perfect setting for these activities. If you want to stay dry, you could go climbing, hiking, mountain-biking, paragliding or even bungee jumping. At the end of a long and intense day, you will find plenty of cosy inns and restaurants serving typical local recipes. A sporting holiday in the Non Valley is the perfect incentive gift for a team of active and energetic sports enthusiasts, that will appreciate an adrenaline-packed experience.

Western Sicily – Nature lovers’ paradise

Italy Trapani Sicily Marsala Seasalt Mozia SunsetSicily is a beautiful and diverse region and, as we have mentioned multiple times, it is simply impossible to explore all of it in a single trip – unless it’s a very long one. We have already shared our pro tips on what to do and see in Palermo, Catania and Modica, but this summer we recommend you focus on the western part of the island, exploring the many hidden treasures that dot the triangle of land between Palermo, Agrigento and Trapani. The shoreline here is a diverse and beautiful, with stretches of sand hiding amongst intricate rocky formations. Mondello beach is probably the most famous seaside destination in this part of the region, but it can get quite crowded during the high season. If you’d rather spend your time communing with nature rather than humanity, head for the nearby Capo Gallo Natural Reserve. Another beautiful reserve can be found near Trapani: it’s the so-called Riserva dello Zingaro, a protected stretch of the coast that includes seven small bays that can only accessed by sea.

Otranto – Apulia – Mystery & Luxury

otranto apulia incentive destinations summer 2018 italyOtranto is a stunning historical jewel of a town, in the southern and easternmost part of Apulia. You might have heard its name before: the 1764 novel by Horace Walpole that is named after the local castle set the foundations for what is known as the gothic genre. Mystery and magic are still distinctive characteristics of the town itself. As you reach Otranto, you will need to leave your car in the “modern” part of the city, as the original fortified settlement is not accessible by vehicles. It will feel like stepping back in time. Built as a fortress-city on a majestic spur of rock, surrounded by extraordinarily blue and clear water, the old town is a place of subtle charm and it contains some of the most impressive masterpieces of medieval and gothic art and architecture in Italy. Its Cathedral, for instance, was built in the 11th Century and it contains one of the largest and best preserved mosaics in Europe, representing the Tree of Creation. The Cathedral also contains a grim historical testimony of war and invasion: the skulls of 800 local citizens who resisted the Ottoman invasion of 1480. Nowadays, Otranto is a luxury destination, with exclusive five-star resorts. Local and international celebrities holidaying in Apulia, often choose to stay in Otranto and use it as a starting point to explore the rest of the region.

Urbino – Marche – please an art connoisseur

urbino marche incentive destinations summer 2018 italyUrbino is a fortified city in the central Italian region of Marche. Its most iconic building it the Palazzo Ducale, dating back to the 15th Century, which contains the Marche National Gallery. If you are thinking of a minor gallery, with obscure works from local artists, think again. This prestigious museum is home to paintings by the likes of Titian and Raphael. The latter was actually born in Urbino and his house is open to the public. Here you will find more of his paintings and other works, attributed to the artist’s father. In the local Palazzo Ducale, another masterpiece of Italian painting is displayed: “The Ideal City”, which has been attributed at different times to Piero della Francesca, Leon Battista Alberti and Francesco di Giorgio Martini, among others. This is a painting that you might not instinctively know by name, but that you are bound to have seen, as it is not an overstatement to say it is as iconic as the Monna Lisa. The painting represent the Renaissance idea of a perfect city and it was commissioned by duke Federico da Montefeltro, who actually tried to have Urbino city centre built around those principles of universal harmony.

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