Choose your next summer incentive travel destination in Italy!

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Right now we need to think about the future. We need to think about a time when we will be travelling again, sharing again and exploring a friendly world again. We need to hope and to plan. So, let’s plan. Italy is set to emerge from the current crisis by the summer and we decided to stop “what-if-ing” the news and write for our best-case-scenario. Have you chosen your next summer incentive yet? It’s easy to read that sentence and confuse a summer incentive travel program with a holiday. If that’s what you are thinking of, rest assured it’s not what we are talking about. A summer incentive travel program is a tool of business management and it is meant to motivate as much as it is meant to reward. Most companies invest in incentive travel for their employees, but it is common practice to offer it to contractors too, to management and even to clients. We have already discussed the many reasons that make Italy the perfect incentive travel destination, so today we are going to offer you our top three picks for this summer. Would you like to reward your top talent with a trip to Italy this year? Try these amazing destinations!

Choose your next summer incentive travel destination in Italy!

Sappada – Friuli Venezia Giulia

Sappada is more famous as a winter destination, particularly popular among the residents of the north-western regions of Italy. However, there’s plenty more to do here than just skiing and snowboarding. If you visit during the summer, when the weather is mild and pleasant, you will be able to explore one of the most beautiful villages in Italy at your leisure. Choose Sappada as a summer incentive travel destination for people who love taking long walks in nature. Enthusiastic hikers will love the beautiful Alpine scenery and the unique wooden houses that dot the surroundings and that are an acknowledged part of the architectural and cultural heritage of the region. Plan an excursion to the Muhlbach waterfalls, the three lovely Olbe Lakes or the source of the river Piave and don’t forget to sample the local mountain cheese!

Sappada Olbe Lakes Summer Incentive Travel Program

Garfagnana – Tuscany

Tuscany, of course, is one of the most popular summer incentive travel destinations in Italy, but today we want to focus on a specific part of the region, which often gets overlooked in favour of classics such as Florence and Siena. We are talking about the area known as Garfagnana, which more or less coincides with the province of Lucca. Some go so far as to call it “more authentic” than the famous art cities, probably because it has remained relatively free of the flood of mass tourism tends to characterise the regional capital. This is not a destination for wild parties and glamorous events, but rather a serene natural retreat, to explore at a leisurely pace. Take your time walking through the many medieval villages, cross the famous “Devil’s Bridge” in Borgo a Mozzano and experience true rapture and mystical fascination at the Calomini Hermitage. If you book a summer incentive travel plan that includes the Garfagnana region, be sure to reserve at least a wine tasting experience and sample a few Tuscan recipes at one of the local restaurants.

garfagnana tuscany summer incentive travel

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Porto Recanati – Marche

Let’s make no bones about it: the province of Macerata doesn’t get the love it deserves from international tourists. Porto Recanati is a beautiful seaside town on the coast of the Marche region and it is a connoisseur’s destination, as far as beaches go. Here you will find smooth pebbles rather than sand, and rather deep water, rather than gradually deepening, swimming-pool like bays. This is a destination for nature lovers and scuba divers, who like to enjoy a day at the sea actively, rather than just lay back and get tanned with a cold drink in one hand and a selfie stick in the other. If you visit Porto Recanati in July, you might witness the local Sea Fest. This local tradition involves all the boats in the harbour sail solemnly behind a ship carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary, the Madonna del Soccorso. History and architecture lovers will also appreciate a visit to the local Svevo Castle, a medieval construction that dominates the town with its impressive tower. If you visit this part of Le Marche, don’t forget to taste the local delicacy called Ciauscolo, a creamy salami that can be either sliced or spread and it’s typically sweeter than most cured meats.

summer incentive travel porto recanati

Isola Capo Rizzuto – Calabria

Isola Capo Rizzuto is one of the most peculiar villages in Italy. And yes, it is a village and not, as you might have thought, an island. This is just one of the weird quirks of Italian topography and Calabria, you will find, as a habit of being outrageously uncommon and not giving any explanation for it: you’ll just have to love it in all of its cryptic beauty and charming weirdness. And like most of Calabria, Isola Capo Rizzuto is the perfect destination for practically every kind of traveller. On the western side, you’ll have the sea, with beautiful, crystal-clear water. Go further inshore and you’ll find amazing hiking trails. In town, you’ll be able to visit the magnificent Feudal Castle and the ancient village. And, of course, you can’t leave Calabria without having tried its famous nduja and spicy chilies!

Isola Capo Rizzuto summer incentive travel destination

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