We can be… superheroes! A team building adventure

Aveda Superheroes Team Building

You probably know by now that team building is essential, in order to maximise productivity and reduce conflict in the workplace. When looking for suitable team building activities, however, it’s easy to become discouraged: coming up with ideas that are both entertaining and educational is far from easy and there is always the risk of falling back on a cringe-worthy session of ineffective motivational training. Smart Eventi is a Milan-based agency that specialises in developing bespoke team projects and our most recent case history is a lesson in creative team-building with a fun twist. We devised a week-end’s worth of challenges and games for Aveda and we decided to pick an unusual theme to spice things up: superheroes.

We can be… superheroes! A team building adventure

Channel your inner superhero

What is it about superheroes that draws both children and grownups? The idea of superpowers is a fantastic playground for our imagination, as it provides context to any values we wish to uphold or embody. Some value bravery, strength or animal instinct, while others focus on personality, honesty, intelligence or wisdom. From the archetypical Superman to the well-rounded and complex characters in the X-men saga, we look up to representations of specific qualities that inspire us. Using superheroes as a team-building theme is a perfect way of encouraging different teams to make statements about themselves and what defines them. Are they a Spiderman or an Incredible Hulk? Do they run on the human strength and resourcefulness of a Batman or on the supernatural skills of a Spiderman? And, most importantly, are they cool with wearing superhero t-shirts and, under certain conditions, full superhero costumes?

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Superhero treasure hunt

If you have been following our blog, you might know that we simply love treasure hunts. Over the years, this has become one of our favourite team-building formats. It is incredibly versatile and it allows for unprecedented levels of creativity when planning activities, so that no two projects are ever alike. The point of a treasure hunt is, after all, to set quests to competing teams, encouraging them to apply specific skills to each task. In this instance we picked a unique location for our treasure hunt: we took our team to Courmayeur, a popular holiday destination in Val d’Aosta, where the first part of our treasure hunt was set. The participants had to complete several missions. They were also asked to pick outfits out of our “Superhero Trunk” and shoot a short, funny video, challenging the other team. This particular type of team building is not suited to everyone: a specific mindset is needed in order to enjoy it and profit from it. The key to making it work is the ability to let go, to laugh at our shared insecurities and a to enjoy a certain degree of silliness. Also, one should be able to appreciate the remarkable sight of a team of grownups in batman t-shirts.

Sky high

After spending the first day in Courmayeur, we took the Skyway Montebianco Cable Car to its intermediate station – the Pavillion – where lunch had been arranged. One of the most remarkable features of the Skyway is that it cable cars allow for 360° view of the surrounding valley and the Mont Blanc as it reached its top station, located at the dizzying height of 12000 ft. The best place to be a superhero, after all, is on top of the world.

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