Microsoft Italia launches The Sustainability Alliance

sustainability alliance

As Italy is facing the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and struggling to put measures in place to protect its economy, different players are chiming in, contributing with long-term plans to relaunch the Country. One such player is Microsoft Italia, which recently started a cooperative project called The Sustainability Alliance, to which startups and big brands alike contribute with sustainability-focused solutions. The project was created as a collaboration with GrowITup, Italy’s leading growing platform for digital entrepreneurs, powered by Cariplo.

The Sustainability Alliance: goals and focus

The Sustainability Alliance is built on one fundamental focus: the firm conviction that any attempt at relaunching the Country’s economy and moving past this crisis should have sustainability at its core. Without it, any long-term planning would be impossible and unrealistic. Microsoft Italia’s goal with this project was the nurturing of a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem in Italy. The main tool to achieve this will be digitalisation and European cooperation for a common Green New Deal. The Sustainability Alliance will include brands, enterprises, startups, and researchers, joining forces against climate change.

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Italy’s sustainable future – according to Microsoft

The Sustainability Alliance is part of #DigitalRestart, a five-year investment plan for which Microsoft has allotted $1.5Bn to promote growth and innovation in Italy, through a series of targeted initiatives including the creation of new data centers in the Country, education and training hubs to help entrepreneurs learn how to implement sustainable practices, and innovation programs focusing on the development and use of AI.

How will it work

The Sustainability Alliance has a clear roadmap ahead, with specific steps to be taken at different times. It will start by mapping trends on the Italian and international market, encouraging feedback from entrepreneurs in order to ascertain their goals, their needs, their strength, and their weaknesses. At a later stage, such feedback will be collated and analysed in order to define specific strategies, implementing design thinking techniques to come up with workable goals and concepts. Finally, each concept will be developed and form the basis for individual strategies.

Microsoft’s carbon-negative plan

#DigitalRestart is in itself part of Microsoft’s plan to go carbon-negative by 2030 and to drive its CO2 emissions down to zero by 2050. The Sustainable Alliance can therefore be seen as a prime example of a company’s goals coinciding with a Country’s (and the planet’s) interest: something which is considered a rare – if not impossible – occurrence. This plan will put Italy at the forefront in the fight for sustainability, by creating a positive synergy of entrepreneurial potential, technology, innovation, research, and public commitment.

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