How to plan the perfect team-building experience – A trip to the “Langhe”

We were asked to design a team-building experience for an international trading company. There were several destinations in Italy that we could have suggested, but on this occasion, we felt that no place was more suited to inspire awe, entertain and enchant than the Italian sub-region of the Langhe, which spreads across parts of Piedmont and Lombardy.

How we plan a team-building experience

For this team-building experience, we proposed one of our favourite formats: a treasure hunt. One of the things we love about this activity is that it allows for a lot of creativity and improvisation while allowing the team to enjoy the scenery (and there’s plenty of scenery to enjoy in the Langhe) and hone specific skills. We hired five top-of-the-range BMWs and took our guests on a tour spanning from Malpensa to the heart of the region. For two days, the participants had to overcome several obstacles, solve puzzles and work out clues, as they explored some of the most beautiful towns and villages in the area, sampling the local delicacies, including the famous Piedmontese truffles. We also organised a wine-tasting evening.

team-building experience langhe wine

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Tradition vs technology

The treasure hunt was conducted using iPads for clues and navigation, but there was one instance in which tradition definitely trumped technology. We took the team on an authentic truffle hunt, with local experts and their trained truffle dogs, which were the true stars of the day. When we plan a team building experience, we always keep in mind that it should also work as an incentive. Therefore, we always select the best accommodation. In this case, a five-star resort in one of the most beautiful corners of the region.

Travelling in style

We design our team buildings to do two things: help participants hone specific skills or solve specific conflicts, and offer them a stylish and exclusive experience. The latter was particularly important in this instance: we wanted to create an immersive experience with a distinctive retro flavour, a touch of la dolce vita and the thrill of a real adventure. A treasure hunt can achieve all of these goals and more. It is a team effort in which everyone can contribute according to their skills and abilities (such as navigating, sense of direction, general knowledge for working out clues and so on), it requires each group to pool resources and make the best use of individual assets, it helps develop coordination and facilitates communication within the team, creating a sense of belonging. The setting for this exciting team building experience is just as charming as the activity itself: it all takes place in the breath-taking Langhe countryside.

team-building experience langhe truffle dog

Team-building challenges

The challenges we designed for this team-building experience range from the classics – like Tibetan-bridge-crossing and campfire building in the beautiful Ticino Natural Park, to general knowledge and music-themed quizzes, to the exploration of landmarks. Sometimes, to solve clues, the participants will have to delve into the history and architecture of the towns they are visiting, sometimes, they will have to learn about local traditions or sample some of the local delicacies.

team-building experience langhe truffles

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