Team building on the beach


There’s no such thing as a lukewarm reaction to the idea of team building exercises. Some people can’t get enough of them, while others would rather put in hours’ worth of overtime than spend an afternoon “bonding” with their colleagues. We suspect it all depends on the quality of the team building activities that these two categories of people got to experience over the years. If you are hoping to win over the staunchest opponents of team building, however, you will have to go the extra mile, to make them forget the cringe-worthy games and trust-falls of the past. Do we have a secret weapon in our arsenal? Of course we do! Surprise your employees with something unique and try team building on the beach! There are plenty of activities that will engage and entertain your team while strengthening some of the core skills your workplace needs.

Team building on the beach

The Beach olympics

The reason team building on the beach is always a success is simple enough: everyone feels playful on the beach. Also, it is hard to take yourself too seriously if you are walking around in flip-flops and swimming trunk. That’s why people are naturally drawn to certain sports and games, in this environment. While it is easy enough to have matches or even tournaments of individual sports – such as beach volley or beach tennis – large groups might be easier to engage with a more complex event, such as the Beach Olympics. Each team will need to pick players based on different skills. In order to make the games more complex and player selection more interesting, however, the sports and games featured in the olympics should require different talents. While traditional sports like volleyball, football and tennis tend to require stamina, physical fitness and coordination, for instance, beach bowling and sand-castle building are more suited to those with good focusing skills, patience and an eye for detail.

Team building on the beach volleyball

Beach Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are among the most versatile team building activities you can think of. They will work equally well in a city or a village, in the office or in the woods. And, of course, they work just as well by the sea. You can choose to play out your team building session like a traditional hunting-for-clues game (which can get particularly interesting, if the clues are buried in the sand). Or you can turn it into a problem-solving challenge, by asking your team members to race each other in finding certain items in a specific order, such as oddly-shaped pebbles, seashells and so on. If you pick the right location, team building on the beach can turn into a richer and complex experience. You might have your team members race each other to a buoy or a platform located a few metres away from the shore, or include a cardboard boat-race in your team building on the beach experience.

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Sand sculpting

Sand sculptures can be fascinating. And while each of us probably built a castle or two in a distant past, not many are capable of creating vast and complex structures out of sand and water. If you want your team building on the beach to feature an unusual and creative activity, you could hire a professional sand-sculptor to teach your team the secrets of their trade – such as the ratio of sand to water that is needed to maintain bigger sculptures. After they have learned the basics, your employees will be divided into teams and challenge each other to a sand-sculpture competition. This is the perfect team building exercise: it requires vision, coordination, a well-communicated project and the ability to watch and learn quickly, while working fast and with relative precision. All of these skills, of course, are just as precious in the workplace.

Team building on the beach castle

Team building on the beach in Italy: where to go

Italy is the perfect destination for your team building on the beach. Most regions have a shoreline and no matter where you are in the country, you are never farther than two hours away from a beach. If you are planning an incentive trip to Italy and would like to include a team building session on the beach, we suggest you consider some of the Country’s most popular summer destinations, such as Apulia, Sicily and Sardinia.

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