These Italian museums are offering virtual tours for free!

italian museums

Lockdowns can be hard in multiple ways. They are hard on each and every one of us, as we are deprived of all the shared experiences that make life amazing. And they are hard on the economy, particularly for a country like Italy, which relies heavily on tourism. Italy’s beauty is also its strength. Italy has 55 UNESCO heritage sites and over 5000 museums, archaeological sites, and landmarks. Millions of tourists and business travellers enjoy this wealth of art and beauty every year. But not, so far, in 2020. Not only is Italy in lockdown, but most of Europe and a significant number of countries all over the world seem to be going in the same direction. Many Italian museum administrations have reacted to forced closures and to the global crisis by virtually opening their doors for free to anyone wishing to take a virtual tour. This is a lovely way of reaching out to one another at such a difficult time: worldwide famous museums are offering visitors something beautiful to look at and reminding them that beauty is out there waiting and that, at the end of this tunnel, there’s still a world worth exploring. Would you like to take a virtual tour of these Italian museums? We have selected five for you to discover today!

These Italian museums are offering virtual tours for free!

1. Uffizi Gallery – Florence

The Uffizi Gallery, in Florence, is one of the most popular museums in the world. These halls contain an astonishing number of masterpieces: medieval to modern paintings, some of the most famous paintings of the Italian Renaissance, sculptures, and engravings. Now you can roam them for free, dwelling at leisure on superb paintings by artists such as Giotto, Mantegna, Leonardo, Correggio, Raffaello, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and many more.

italian museums virtual tour free

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2. Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel – Rome

The Vatican Museum hosts a vast collection of masterpieces, of paintings and sculptures that numerous Popes have accumulated true the centuries. This collection has been curated by whole dynasties of patrons of the arts and it is now available for a cost-free virtual tour. You will be able to visit the Sistine Chapel as well and admire the most famous fresco in human history: Michelangelo’s The Last Judgment.

3. Ara Pacis – Rome

Not so much a virtual tour – which would not make much sense, given the structure of this landmark – but an immersive experience, obtained through a combination of 360° photos. Visit the restored Ara Pacis complex!

4. Trajan’s Market – Rome

Much like the Ara Pacis, Trajan’s Market  is the kind of landmark that can be admired from multiple angles and explored interactively, although the 360° photography techniques employed here do not provide an actual virtual tour.

italian museums virtual tour

5. Pinacoteca di Brera – Milan

The Pinacoteca di Brera offers a proper tour of its artworks, if not necessarily its actual walls, by providing high-definition photos of all the works exhibited in every collection. While this isn’t necessarily an immersive experience, it allows the virtual visitor to dwell on the tiniest detail in a way that would be unimaginable during a real visit, let alone a virtual tour.

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