Top 3 event venues in Rome

best event venues in rome

The Italian capital boasts some of the most famous landmarks in the world and welcomes millions of tourists every year. In recent years, Rome has also been attracting business travellers, thanks to a busy and diverse schedule of trade shows and startup summits – with some of the most interesting new startups in the Country originating from here. With hundreds of venue options for hosting an event, here are 3 of our favourite event venues in Rome to check out.

Top 3 event venues in Rome

La Lanterna

la lanterna event venues romeWelcome to La Lanterna, a stunning 1200sqm venue made of glass and steel, part of a 4-story building, with a stunning panoramic terrace overlooking the Basilica of St. Ambrogio & Carlo al Corso, as well as some of Rome’s most iconic landmarks. There’s no better view to offer your attendees than the majesty of the Roman skyline, with its roofs creating intricate and unique designs and its cupolas emerging from the other buildings in the distance. Speaking of cupolas, this venue has one too: this modern version of a classic architectural element was designed by archistar Massimiliano Fuksas to function as a gigantic mirror, that reflects the magnificent roman sunset creating a breathtakingly beautiful scenic effect. This venue is ideal for high-profile corporate events of all kinds: its team of trained professionals will welcome you and make sure all your and your attendees’ needs are met. Don’t hesitate to ask for bespoke solutions to make sure your event is the perfect expression of your brand’s personality.

Palazzo Brancaccio

palazzo brancaccio event venues romeIf you are looking for a luxury venue for your corporate event of your wedding, Palazzo Brancaccio might be the perfect solution. Plan a stunning reception, an exclusive party or a gala dinner in this historic residence in central Rome and you will be sure to leave your guests speechless. Within the majestic halls of this mansion, you will find precious furnishings and unique works of art, but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye: culture, history and – in perfect Roman fashion – the true spirit of Italian hospitality. As an event venue, Palazzo Brancaccio will provide its own, outstanding catering service, with a vast selection of gourmet options, to satisfy the most sophisticated gourmand. Hire this venue for corporate and private events that need to convey grandeur, class, elegance and exclusivity

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Officine Farneto

officine farneto event venues romeMonte Mario Park is located in the North of Rome and its lush vegetation surrounds a unique and incredibly scenic event venue. Officine Farneto is a complex that embodies the uniquely Roman ideal of a harmonic combination of tradition and innovation. The building was designed almost 80 years ago by architect Enrico Del Debbio, extremely active in Rome in the 1920s. This venue changed ownership and was used for different purposes through the years: for a while, it was used as a ceramics manufacture and the current structure has kept the ovens in which the ceramics were “cooked”. In 2005, the Officine were restored and turned into the stunning and post-modern venue that we see today. This vast structure is well divided into different spaces, that can be used separately or together, according to each event’s specific needs. Hire it for private and corporate events that need an eclectic, unique environment with a strong personality.

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