Top 5 incentive destinations in Italy for 2018

italian incentive destinations

Incentive travel is one of the best rewards you can give your employees and incentive travel in Italy is guaranteed to be a unique and memorable experience. Italy has always held a special charm for international travellers, because it has something to offer for everyone in terms of incentive destinations. Nature lovers will be charmed by its beautiful and incredibly diverse landscapes, art and history enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the largest cultural and artistic heritage in the world, from medieval villages to renaissance cities, and – of course – gourmands will never tire of tasting regional delicacies and worldwide famous wines. Every trip you take to Italy can be an entirely different experience, containing a variety of suggestions and atmospheres. Where should you travel in 2018? Here are our top five incentive destinations in Italy for the coming year.

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Top 5 incentive destinations in Italy for 2018

Stresa – Piedmont

stresa incentive destinations italyWe have already mentioned that Lake Maggiore is a must-visit destination when travelling to Northern Italy. The town of Stresa is often referred to as “the queen of Lake Maggiore”, for its privileged position by the lake, its quiet elegance that and a certain air of aloofness that characterises it. This is the perfect destination for a luxury incentive, as you will have an ample selection of five-star resorts to choose from. When visiting Stresa, a boat-trip on the lake is definitely in order. Rent a speedboat from the local pier and explore the beautiful islands that lie in the middle of the like: Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori. Or you could rent a sailboat and turn your trip to the islands into a team-building adventure. One of Stresa’s most distinctive features is its liberty architecture, particularly its magnificent villas, such as Villa Daisy Capucci Labadini, Villa Dora, Villa Maga-Dell’Orto and Villa Amalia Bernocchi. A tour of Stresa’s villas is definitely worth working into your schedule, as well as a trip to the Alpinia botanic garden.

Alba – Piedmont

langhe stresa piedmont incentive destinations italyWe have already spoken at length about the beauty of the Piedmont sub-region of Langhe. In 2018 we strongly suggest you visit Alba, the main city of this sub-region, known worldwide for its delicious, rare and notoriously expensive white truffle. This destination is particularly suited to gourmands: book a food & wine tour of the region and match truffle-based dishes to local wines for the luxury gastronomic experience of a lifetime. Of course, there is plenty to do in Alba besides eating: walking through the old city centre, you will be surrounded by medieval buildings and houses that are built to look like towers, but as soon as you take a turn into Via Vittorio Emanuele II, you will step forward in time and find yourself amidst the delicate harmonies of renaissance architecture. If you only have one day to spend exploring the surroundings, we recommend you book a tour of the majestic Serralunga Castle, which is actually a fortified city, as it was the custom for the medieval Piedmontese nobility. This perfectly preserved complex, dating back to the mid XIV Century, was owned by the Falletti family and was a model example of self-sufficiency through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: it controlled the local production of wine from the surrounding hills while also providing military protection to the family and its land.

Siena – Tuscany

Siena incentive destinations italy

You will never run out of reasons to visit Tuscany. This is the first region most people think of, when asked to pick incentive destinations in Italy. And, if you have followed our previous suggestions, you might have already visited Florence and Pisa multiple times. This means it’s time for you to take a trip to Siena. This city is most commonly associated with the Palio, a horse race of medieval tradition that has raised many a controversy with animal lovers for the high number of animal injuries that occur every year. The Palio, however, only happens in summer, while the city itself is beautiful and worth visiting all year round. The local architecture stands out for the extensive use of red bricks. Piazza del Campo, which is the city’s main square, is famous for its shell-like shape and it contains the largest fountain in the city, Fonte Gaia. Originally, the fountain was decorated with sculptures by Jacopo della Quercia. The marble used for the sculptures, however, was not water-resistant, so the originals were taken for restoration and are currently exhibited at the museum of Santa Maria della Scala. The ones you will admire at Fonte Gaia are copies made of Carrara Marble, which is much more suited to be used for a fountain, as it is less liable to suffer water damage.

Perugia – Umbria

perugia archaeological museum incentive destinations italyFour things come to mind when thinking of Perugia: jazz, chocolate, Etruscan history and the International University. History lovers will delve through the many testimonies of the Etruscan civilisation – one of the oldest settlements documented on the Italian peninsula – contained in the National Archaeological Museum. Perugia is seldom considered when choosing incentive destinations, and yet it has as much to offer as many of the major art cities. Jazz lovers, on the other hand, should definitely visit Perugia in summer, when the Umbria Jazz Festival draws some of the biggest names in the genre for a crowd of enthusiasts and connoisseurs. If you are after a “sweet” and comforting experience, you should visit in October, during the Eurochocolate trade show, as the hometown of the prestigious Perugina chocolates plays host of mâitre-chocolatiers from all over the world. Perugia is also the seat of the oldest International University in Italy: to this day, this is among the Universities with the highest number of foreign students in the Coutnry.

Ischia – Campania

ischia incentive destinations italyOnce you have explored the wonders of Naples and maybe treated yourself to a few days of luxury in Capri, you might want to experience Campania’s more relaxing side. Ischia is also known as “the green island” and it is internationally famous for its thermal baths, whose waters have proven healing qualities. Of course you don’t need an ailment to justify your trip to Ischia and lounge by the pools at the Poseidon Gardens, as it happens to be one of the most charming incentive destinations in Southern Italy. If you want to add cultural enrichment to your relaxing trip, visit the local Aragona Castle. Its distinctive shape, that historically ships used as a landmark upon their arrival, is the symbol of the isle itself. The castle was built on a rock jutting up from the sea, but it is connected to the mainland by an impressive bridge – which has needed to be restored several times over the centuries. There has been a fortification here since approximately the V Century b.C., but the castle as we know it was built by Alfonso D’Aragona in 1441.

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