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If you live in Europe your idea of an incentive destination includes spectacular beaches, lush vegetation and swimming and kayaking in crystal clear water, we have good news for you. You don’t have to book your team on a trip to the Caribbean or Bali. You can stay closer to home and go to Sardinia, which is our top favourite incentive destination for this year. We have already visited this beautiful island on several occasions, particularly on amazing team building holidays, and we have explored both its beautiful coastline and the inland, with its ancient culture and fascinating traditions, so as to bring to you a few insider tips for your incentive holiday in Sardinia.

Choosing the right destination

There are, of course, no “wrong” destinations in Sardinia, nevertheless it is challenging to find the perfect fit when you are spoilt for choice. We picked different locations at different times, based on the specific needs of the client and their team, the season and the goals of each project. There is no abstract perfect incentive destination, there is only the right destination for that particular team on that particular occasion. This means that a white beach might be ideal for some and utterly unsuitable for others and that certain team building activities will benefit from being carried out in the woodlands, whereas others will require you to stay in or near a city. Whatever the case might be, having the right local connections will definitely help. We always rely on our professional partners’ in-depth local knowledge, so as to offer our clients a unique and authentic experience of the region.

Sardinia: a surprising journey

Mountain-biking in Barbagia

barbagia sardinia incentive 2017We have already taken you on a journey through Sardinia’s hidden treasures, but even if you were to stay on the beaten track you could hardly ever end up being disappointed on this beautiful island. If you’d rather keep your feet on firm land, you could explore the typical Mediterranean woodland of the mysterious, hilly sub-region of Barbagia. If your team is up for a physical challenge, you should try mountain biking in this area: the scenery is simply breath-taking and you will get to explore it from a completely different perspective. This will also make for an extraordinarily intense sporting experience, definitely not suitable for beginners and the faint-hearted. However, if your team is willing and able to try it, it can be a uniquely effective and rewarding team-building activity.

Under the sea

sea sardinia incentive 2017If you visit Sardinia in the summer, you simply can’t miss the beautiful beaches and rocky shores of the region. Be it on the popular Emerald Coast or in the more secluded little coves that dot the coastline, there’s no better region for a sea-lover to visit. Once again, you should investigate the sporting habits and skills of your team beforehand and find out how they feel about snorkeling and SCUBA diving. If they like to explore the wonders of the sea from underneath, be sure to book a tour of the many submerged caves that can be found along most of the Sardinian coast. It goes without saying that such tours should exclusively be guided and handled by trained professionals. Of course, the beautiful Sardinian sea has much more to offer: rowing, canoeing and sailing are all viable options (we have already explored the efficacy of sailing as a team-building activity)


Nuraghi_Losa sardinia incentive 2017

Sardinia, of course, is also a popular national and international holiday destination and it caters to different types of visitors. Of course, many will be attracted to the local dolce vita, to be found in the fancy clubs of the Emerald Coast, particularly in the hot season, but we urge you to explore the island further and with a keener eye than the average tourist and look beyond mainstream destinations, into the real Sardinia: wild nature, small villages with thousand-year-old culture, traditions and architecture and, of course, local delicacies that you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the world. Make Sardinia your next incentive destination and delve into its treasures and its true spirit: you are in for a unique, life-changing experience.
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