Why you should travel to Italy when the Coronavirus epidemic is over

when the coronavirus epidemic is over

Google searches have been taken over by Covid-19. And one of the most searched questions is “when will the Coronavirus epidemic be over?” The WHO is cautious and so are health ministers and healthcare providers worldwide. As we wait for the worst to be over, however, there is one thought to which all of us, regardless of our job, age, and background, cling for comfort: we will go out again. We will eat dinner at a restaurant with friends and family again. And, above all, we will travel again. And when that time comes, we hope you will consider visiting Italy and choosing it as your next business or incentive destination. Let us give you a few excellent reasons.

1. When the Coronavirus epidemic is over, Italy will need help to get back on its feet

There’s been a lot of talk lately, about the different approaches that different countries are adopting when it comes to tackling an emergency on this scale. There are few certainties. Among them, the notion that the economic fallout for Italy will be massive, particularly considering how tourism and hospitality are among the driving industries in the country. It is therefore easy to expect each struggling region to bend over backwards, after the crisis is over, to regain traction on the tourism market. There will be travel agents and hotels, service companies and restaurants, shopping districts and sports clubs, theatres and museums working extra hard to get the flow of tourists back to what it was before the crisis. And when picking your first post-pandemic travel destination, you have two excellent reasons to choose Italy: solidarity and value-for-money. By planning your next incentive trip to Italy you will be helping the country bounce back from the crisis and you will be getting the best deals this side of the millennium divide. Which brings us to our second point.

when the coronavirus epidemic is over travel to italy

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You will get amazing discounts on your incentive and business travel packages

Something similar happened as Greece was coming out of the recession, many Italian destinations will offer insanely competitive prices. Therefore, by choosing Italy and its many hidden treasures as your next incentive destination, as the location of your business events and meetings, you will not only contribute to the country’s growth after a prolonged crunch, you will also be able to afford the kind of luxury that would normally exceed your budget. Treat yourself to that five-star hotel, to that premium spa package, spend an extra day on the golf course and allow yourself and your team to be pampered, without having to break the bank. Safe in the knowledge that you are investing money in helping a struggling industry raise again.

when the coronavirus epidemic is over italy golf

When the Coronavirus epidemic is over, we will have to learn how to appreciate the beauty of our world again and Italy is the perfect place to do it

Experts have been warning us for years against the exploitation of our planet’s resources. The reduction of biodiversity is partly responsible for disease outbreaks in multiple regions of the world and the frantic pace of civilization is simply not sustainable anymore. The tourism industry has some reckoning to do in that respect. Exploitative tourism is definitely not innocent when it comes to global warming and the destruction of ecosystems. For several years now, many destinations in Italy are experimenting with sustainable tourism, inviting travellers to experience a slower, more natural life rhythm when they visit, offering a limited selection of reasonably priced products for consumption and explaining how the production of certain goods can’t be rushed. Farming and agriculture require time to be sustainable and we can’t expect an endless flow of products to come our way: we have to learn to be patient, to wait for something unique and excellent, rather than grab the first substandard alternative that unsustainable production processes can bring. If you want to learn about living sustainably and at a more relaxed pace, Italy is the perfect place to do it.

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