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terrazza 12 milan venues

This is an exciting time to be planning events in Italy. The ever-growing number of trade-shows and corporate conferences that are hosted in the Country’s major cities has determined a dramatic increase in collateral events, such as meetings and press launches. This phenomenon is particularly evident in the weeks or months in which major happenings are scheduled, such as the Milan Fashion Week. As event professionals, one of our most delicate tasks is finding the best venue for each event. This might prove trickier than most people would think, as there is a constant demand for unusual venues, for venues that have character, that fit the brand’s identity and values, that are surprising and exciting, while still providing the state-of-the-art services and facilities that most corporate events need. This is why we are always on the lookout for new spaces and regularly update the list of our favourite venues in Milan and Rome, as well as several other Italian destinations. Here are our latest picks. If Milan is your destination, hiring one of these venues will turn your event into a unique and memorable experience.

We have plenty of great venues in Milan: try one of these for your next corporate event!

Terrazza 12: lounging on the penthouse

terrazza 12 milan venues
Terrazza 12 is an impossibly trendy and sophisticated venue on the 10th floor of the Brian&Barry Building in central San Babila, at the very heart of Milan’s fashion district. This is the perfect venue for an exclusive event, where quality is paramount and you want to impress your guests with an elegant environment and top-quality service. Small events, such as business meetings and exclusive, invitation-only press-launches will work best at Terrazza 12. Treat your guests to an exquisite dining experience with a unique view of the city. You will be looking down at the Milan skyline, from the distinctive silhouette of the Cathedral (affectionately known as “La Madonnina”) to the new buildings that have been changing the shape of the city since the 2015 EXPO. The cocktail bar is this venue’s most notable feature, boasting 12 signature cocktails as well as the most popular mixology classics. In spring and summer, you will be able to enjoy a cool drink on the rooftop terrace, whereas in winter you will be sitting behind light glass walls, enjoying the view in a warm and stylish setting.

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Bou Tek – the smartest space in Milan

bou tek milan venues Welcome to the future. If your event requires a high-tech showroom, you don’t need to look any further. Bou Tek is an unconventional venue, designed to provide a rich and unique customer experience, enhanced by a creative use of the latest digital technologies. From relatively familiar technologies such as touch screens and projectors, to state-of-the-art, borderline sci-fi ones such as augmented-reality, magic mirrors and facial recognition, Bou Tek will equip you with all of the best tools to make your event stand out. If you hire this venue as a pop-up shop, you will be able to take advantage of its 7 shop-windows, to have your products on display in a central and high-traffic area of the city, but you will also benefit from outstanding customer profiling and behaviour analysis tools, to further your market research and brand identity development. Bou Tek is also an excellent choice of venue for exhibitions, press conferences and launch parties, particularly if complex, multi-layered interactions are important for your marketing strategy. The staff at Bou Tek will not only assist you in the use of the staggering amount of high-tech equipment at your disposal, but also provide a full consultancy service, helping you select the right tools for your specific purposes.

Spazio Theca

spazio theca milan venues The first thing that will strike you about this small gem of a venue is the creative way in which it uses light design and colour to communicate. Light panels, led-lights and projectors are used to create a visual theme based on your brand colours and logo, so that your guests are welcomed in a space that conveys your message and values on an emotional level, right from the start. The interiors are covered in white wooden panels, so that the apt use of lighting and decoration can transform the venue and create the right atmosphere for each event. This incredibly versatile venue can host anything from a show-cooking demonstration to a networking event, from a cocktail party to a press conference and the space itself will look completely different from one event to the other. Minimalist, module-based and neutral furnishing can be removed, rearranged or lit to provide a unique guest experience, one that perfectly matches your event’s specific needs. Spazio Theca can also provide catering services and has a wide range of tech equipment for presentations and press conferences

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