3 reasons to choose Tuscany for your next incentive trip

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When it comes to selecting the destination for an incentive trip, we always take particular care understanding exactly the kind of experience our client is after. If the trip’s only purpose is gratifying and rewarding employees, for instance, we will focus on luxury accommodation and make sure there are plenty of activities on offer, whereas incentive trips that include elements of training, team building or are part of a convention, may require specific facilities and equipment, such as conference halls or projectors. We recently organised one such event for our long-term client Estee Lauder – La Mer. We were to plan an incentive trip, incorporating 4 days of training, for all of the brand managers in Italy. We chose Tuscany, and – having experienced what this amazing region has to offer – we believe you should too. Here are the top 3 reasons to go to Tuscany on your next incentive trip.

3 reasons to choose Tuscany for your next incentive trip

1. Amazing luxury resorts

This isn’t the first time we have chosen the Tuscan countryside for our incentive travel projects and we are endlessly amazed at the sheer quality of the luxury accommodation available in this region. While many, upon thinking of Tuscany, will immediately picture Florence, you should be aware that there’s much more to the region than its main city, and it is all worth exploring, particularly if you want to treat your team to the ultimate luxury experience. In this instance, we selected La Bagnaia Resort, a magnificent 5-star Hilton golf resort near Siena. The whole resort used to be a medieval hamlet and its original buildings have been restored to fit the needs of a high-spending corporate clientele. The whole village is one luxury complex, with a vast golf course, swimming pools, a spa, and three typical Tuscan restaurants. This facility was particularly well-suited for our client, as it also offered a large, glass-panelled conference room with a breath-taking view of the Tuscan hills, which we were able to use for corporate training.

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2. The food

You are probably not surprised to read this. We will go out on a limb here, and say that you haven’t lived until you have tasted authentic Tuscan cuisine, with delicious traditional recipes matched to local wines. There’s a reason, after all, tourists travel from all over the world to explore the many wonders of Tuscany, and also to sample its internationally famous food. In this instance, we organised a gala dinner at Gallo Nero, one of Siena’s top restaurants, famous for its chef’s research into medieval Tuscan cuisine, resulting in a delicate and complex balance of tradition and innovation. We also planned a second, more informal – but no less delicious – dinner in the square of Monteriggioni, one of the quaintest and most beautiful villages in Italy. When travelling to Tuscany, you should always make sure you don’t limit your experience to haute cuisine and luxury restaurants, but also explore the authentic local flavours in one of the many Tuscan osterie. Here, you will be able to experience real, hearty Italian food, and get acquainted with the simple and yet exquisite recipes that millions of Italian families prepare every day.

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3. The Scenery

Florence, Siena and Pisa are beautiful, you already know that. But there is a reason Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinated and captivated by the Tuscan countryside, and we warmly recommend you take a few days off to experience it too. This is nature at its gentlest and most charming. There are so many stunning places to see, tiny medieval villages, sweet rolling hills and patches of woodland alternating with seemingly endless vineyards. The opportunities for your incentive group itinerary are endless and your trip can be as relaxing, fun, adventurous or cultural as you want to be to fit the specific needs of your team.

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