U-Mask: the Italian invention that could help fight Covid-19


Face masks are going to be remembered as a symbol of the times we are living through. They are now part of our attire, we keep finding them in pockets and handbags, and they come in all colours and a variety of materials. Recently, concerns have been raised regarding their efficacy, particularly when it comes to surgical masks being reused multiple times. In January, however, an Italian company came up with a new type of mask that promises to be a game-changer. The U-mask was created by U-Earth, an Italian biotech company specialising in pollution-fighting technologies and in using natural resources to cleanse the atmosphere, filtering out microparticles, dangerous gases, heavy metals, bacteria, and other contaminants.

The U-Mask was created specifically to protect from Covid-19

Most masks currently on the market are not new: they were already in use in medical environments, such as laboratories and hospitals, to protect both patients and medical professionals from all sorts of contaminants. Some use valves, others rely on simple filters. The U-Mask was developed specifically to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and it contains a reusable bioactive shield to prevent the proliferation of any contaminant that may come into contact with its inner layer. Viruses and bacteria are thus trapped inside the mask, where they are destroyed the mask’s bio-defence. The U-Mask basically sanitises itself by using a special ingredient to destroy the contaminant cell’s membrane and dissolving it.

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Breathable, stylish, and sustainable

The U-Mask is not only incredibly effective but also stylish, available in multiple colours, and easily adaptable to the wearer’s face. It is designed to make breathing easier and to maximise comfort. Another vital aspect that makes this mask stand out from the competition is its sustainability. While necessary, PPEs are mounting up to be a natural catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. Tons of single-use masks and gloves are accumulating in landfills, spilling over into the ocean, contaminating natural ecosystems and endangering flora and fauna. The U-Mask, on the other hand, is produced sustainably and is reusable, which minimises its environmental impact and makes it an excellent choice for the conscious consumer wishing to combine environmental awareness with personal safety. It is made of regenerated nylon, which was obtained from recovered single-use plastics. Common plastic waste, such as bottles, is fished out of the ocean and spun like fabric, which is then fashioned into sheets and, eventually perfectly sustainable masks.

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