Ditch the conference room and book an unusual venue for your meeting

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Unsurprisingly, we spend a lot of time thinking about events and meetings. About how to plan them, certainly, but also about what they should and should not be like, about what they are supposed to achieve and about how to make them more interesting, pleasant and productive for our clients and their guests. What we have observed is that experience is a key component of both corporate events and meetings, and that the way we judge the level and quality of an event experience has changed dramatically over the years. We have noticed this particularly with corporate clients whose experience of meetings and business events is at least as long as our own: they seek out originality, uniqueness, and memorability. All of which, most of the times, can’t be found in a traditional event venue. That applies to meetings as much as it applies to corporate events. That’s why we have started exploring unusual venues, that can create unique experiences for our clients.

Planning a meeting? Ditch the conference room and try a rooftop!

Let’s get straight to the point: if your goal in planning a meeting is impressing a potential client or business partner, you should make sure every aspect of the experience takes their breath away. Why, then, should you hire a boring meeting room, when you can book a spectacular penthouse with a rooftop swimming pool? If you want to go the extra mile and the weather allows it, you could even dare to hold the actual meeting in the pool itself, but otherwise a stunning view of the city skyline and a nice cocktail should suffice.

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Travel to the Alps, just for the view

If the skyline of cities such as Milan and Rome is not enough for you, you might want to surprise your attendees with a venue that has no equal in the world: a pavilion close to one of the highest peaks in Europe. Skyway Montebianco is the cable car line that will take you to the top of Mont Blanc in comfort and style. And frankly, if your clients and guests are not in awe of you by the time you are halfway up the mountain, you don’t really want to be doing business with them.

skyway montebianco

Go ultra-modern, in a classical venue

Originality is not only about finding somewhere that is not an event venue and turning it into one. It is also about playing with codes and traditions and daring to let those elements clash. If you are going to discuss high-tech and present a new line of sentient robots, for instance, you might want to surprise your audience by choosing a historic villa as your event venue, rather than hiring a sleek, minimal, whitewashed space in the most hipster neighbourhood in town. In the same way, you might want to try precisely the latter, if you are hosting the most traditional of traditional events.

palazzo brancaccio event venues rome

Book your guests on a spa day

If the idea of conducting your meetings in a swimming pool appeals to you, why stop there? Book a spa day for yourself and your top client, and talk business while getting pampered at a luxury spa. Benefits of this particular choice include being 100% certain to make a lasting impression, and the possibility of holding your meeting or negotiation in a relaxing and non-confrontational environment.

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