How to use virtual reality at your next corporate event

Grundfos innovation virtual reality event

The event we planned for Grundfos – a market-leading pump manufacturer – was as challenging as it was stimulating and we were thrilled to get their commission. While most people may not be familiar with Grundfos’ specific field, they do employ some of the most advanced technologies in existence, which makes them the ideal client for event planners who like to experiment. They are part of a cluster of companies that invest in constant innovation in order to better their product. As a consequence, the theme of our event was closely connected with innovation and intelligent technologies and the client demanded that both the logistics and entertainment were consistent with that. This is what made Grundfos’ brief so appealing: we knew we had the opportunity of working with a client who would welcome the most daring and unusual entertainment options and we had the chance to seek out the kind of futuristic technology that everyone’s inner child-geek longs to play with. And that’s why we went straight for virtual reality.

The event

The occasion for this event was a presentation, to be held at the Grundfos facility near Milan, of the company’s latest technological advances in pumping solutions. These are very advances and complex technologies, that Grundfos follows from design, development and production through to installation and maintenance. The target of said presentation were some of the company’s main corporate clients from all over the world. While vitally important and extremely interesting to those who use it, the kind of technology that Grundfos employ is also extremely complex and an event revolving entirely around it runs the risk of having a cold vibe about it. And we know that, whatever the product, a presentation or a launch should always help create an emotional response in their target. That’s where a well-designed setting and the use of interactive technology such as virtual reality come in.

Use this technology in your next corporate event!

The venue

We didn’t have to go location scouting for this event, as it as scheduled to take place at the company headquarters. We therefore focused on creating a space for attendees that would be comfortable and welcoming while at the same time projecting values of innovation and technological awareness. We set up a large marquee outside the main building and choose a palette of whites and blues and minimalistic, slightly futuristic furniture. This created constant reminders of the highly innovative content of the products being presented, while at the same time making attendees feel comfortable enough to enjoy the entertainment at the end of the presentation.

Virtual reality in a coprorate environment

Just like Grundfos offers its clients the latest innovations in terms of pumping solutions, we had to come up with the latest innovations in terms of corporate entertainment. That’s why we went straight for virtual reality. The technology at our disposal nowadays is absolutely stunning and we are ready to bet there are plenty of event profs all around the world that are as excited about it as we are and just waiting for the right client to use it in a corporate setting. A definite perk of using virtual reality for corporate entertainment is that event planners can have unprecedented control over the attendees’ experiences, which can be guided or pre-set to be nothing but thrilling and pleasurable. Virtual reality also creates interesting group dynamics and opens up new possibility of interaction that innovators are always excited to explore.

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