Using a virtual event platform for your corporate meetings

virtual event platform

Italy, like most of Europe, is moving towards new lockdown measures and restrictions on events. At this difficult time, it is our duty as an agency to continue to provide our clients with the services they need. Fortunately, for several months now, we have been working with a wonderful virtual event platform, which allows us to create interactive experiences of the highest level, allowing our clients the same level of interaction and the same results as traditional events. This is how we keep going: by following the rules and always ensuring everyone’s safety. This is what we have done for our client One Team, a leading company in the field of CAD solutions in Italy. We were asked to organise the company’s annual meeting in a brand new virtual format.

Our secret weapon is Hypersmarter: the best virtual event platform on the market

When approaching remote events for the first time, you must first get accustomed to the platform used to host them.  We always help our clients through this introductory phase by offering them a small informative tour of Hypersmarter, our virtual events platform. This first step is necessary to allow each client to acquire all the tools they need to move successfully within the platform itself, depending on the type of event they commissioned. Hypersmarter allows the creation of incredibly detailed 3D virtual environments in which people can interact in different ways. Users can move between the different spaces using a customizable avatar, as is the case, for instance, with online trade shows. Or they can organise group- or individual meetings, using chats or video calls. Different types of multimedia content can be integrated, allowing participants to share information, data, and documents.

virtual event platform

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Finding the perfect venue… do we still have to do that?

Once we have defined the basic set-up for the event, we get to work on finding the perfect venue. It may seem strange to mention venues for a virtual event, and yet this is a crucial aspect of the organisation. Precisely because event platforms like Hypersmarter allow spaces to be customised, it is important to design the right virtual set for each event, creating the perfect scenario for its atmosphere and goals. In this case, we also needed to arrange special spaces for sponsors and exhibitors, who had to enjoy the same visibility they would have during a traditional event. This is the difference between a full-fledged virtual event and a simple videoconference: the former involves complex environments allowing for deeper and more articulate interactions, ensuring appropriate exposure of the different brands.

What should the client do?

When a client approaches a virtual event platform, they must provide the necessary elements for the personalization of the digital environment of their event, just like they would with a “traditional” venue. In this case, One Team provided us with all the graphics in the required formats to transform a neutral virtual space into an environment that would reflect the company’s values and personality, creating a strongly branded environment, making it recognisable and familiar to all participants.

virtual event platform

Live streaming

Of course, all this organisational effort only tends towards one goal: making interactions as effective as possible. To this end, it is essential to arrange the right live streaming tools. They need to be chosen carefully, selecting them from the vast range that our event platform has to offer. In this case, we used a hybrid combination, managing some of the live sessions at the company’s headquarters, organising a real TV studio with video cameras, professional lighting, and sound system. The outcome was a huge success, engaging and exciting for both the client and its partners Above all, it allowed One Team to reap all the rewards and achieve all the results normally associated with a traditional event. Thanks to these new technological tools, businesses can advance and thrive despite any restrictions.

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