Find the perfect venue for your business event in Italy!

Italian Business Tips is the international business unit of Smart Eventi, a Milan-based corporate events agency. We have access to a vast network of premium venues, and we specialise in helping international clients finding ideal spaces to host their events in Italy. Plan your press day, product launch, kickoff meeting or conference anywhere in Italy. We’ll find the perfect venue to match your needs.

Our headquarters are located in Milan, the financial capital of Italy and an international hub of business and finance, but we are able to source venues anywhere in Italy.

Milan – the business capital of Italy

An increasing number of companies with interests in Europe is choosing to host corporate events in Milan. We asked many of our clients what attracted them to this city, and we got a unanimous response: because Milan is where it all happens. When planning a corporate event, getting the right atmosphere, the perfect vibe is paramount. Milan is a business capital, constantly buzzing with energy, a crossroads of interests where professionals from all industries converge for trade shows, conferences and conventions.

Would you like your event to share some of that energy? Then Milan is the location for you. Get all the efficiency of a business capital with that unique touch of Italian style.

Choosing the right venue is the single most important decision you will make when planning an event. Our team of trained professionals, with over 10 years’ experience in business event planning, will help you find the perfect space, a venue that is just the right size, fits your budget, and whose style compliments and enhances your brand.


Find the perfect event venue in Italy, call us now!


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